February Playlist

February Playlist

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Look a post at the usually scheduled time, go me! Horrifyingly it is now the last Sunday of the month and so that can only mean one thing. Playlist time.

 1)  Carry Me Home – Jorga Smith

This song is so beautiful and simple. It calms me down, which I need to do more to be brutally honest.

2) Now or Later – Sage the Gemini

The Snapchat song. Which annoyed me at first, but now I am really appreciating it at all times. It makes me want to dance and stuff.

3) Bad and Bougee- Migos

Shout to Donald Glover for bringing this song to my attention. I pretty much had it on repeat for several hours on loop and didn’t once get bored of it. Still not bored of it. It’s one of those songs that will be probably always make me feel some kind of way.

4) Lost On You- Scott Hoying and Mario Jose

Ummmm, this is just all kinds of stunning, and I love anything that involves a nice bit of classical music (seriously most of the time I write to the scores for TV shows and films when I’ve run out of podcasts). The vocals are just divine. Yeah, I really appreciate everything about this cover.

5) Believer – Imagine Dragons

Now, we all know that I love me some Imagine Dragons, so imagine (see what I did there…it was totally accidental) my delight when I was getting ready for work one morning and was told (by Grimmy) that there was new Imagine Dragons on the way. It was (and is) a complete joy of a song. The way that it builds and the bass of it all. Just, ugh, all the yeses.

 6) Die Easy – Rag ‘n’ Bone Man

I also love me some Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, I was so happy to see him pick up another Brit the other night. I was also so happy that his debut album came out this month. There are so many good songs on there, but the fact that this one is just solely acapella and really showcases that voice is one of my standouts.

7) I Know A Place – Muna

This is just one of those songs that really struck me when I first heard it. There’s something about it.

8) Words Fail – Dear Evan Hansen

I love nothing more than getting to fall in love with a new OBCR and I was gifted this gem of one this month. It took me all of one listen to just fall in love with every aspect of this soundtrack and when I first heard this song it felt a punch in the gut in the best possible way…that reprise, oh my gosh that reprise was just everything I wasn’t expecting, didn’t necessarily want unexpectedly and yet was totally perfect. The emotion with with Ben Platt sings just really fucked me up. I both love and hate him and Pasek and Paul for putting into the universe.

9) You Will Be Found – Dear Evan Hansen

I heard this song a few months ago when Cynthia Erivo sung it and I knew I liked it then. But then hearing a whole ensemble sing it and hearing it some sort of context just made the whole thing so much more stunning and poignant and beautiful and uplifting. It is such a great Act 1 closer. I love it.

10) Unstable- Zak Abel

This is just a total banger of a song and so it closes out this month’s playlist.

And that’s it. There have been so many songs recently that have come out that could have featured on this month’s playlist, but I had to shelf some for March’s. And also Ed Sheeran has a new album coming out imminently, so you can pretty much bet that he will be featuring heavily. There is definitely already one on there…

Parentheses count: 4. See you tomorrow!

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