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Hi, Hey, Hello!

Just before midnight last night this happened. I finished it. Or as finished as I could get a first draft anyway. I drained the well dry and surpassed the word count. I had a good week and everything came together in a way that I honestly didn’t think was going to happen during Week 2, or for a lot of Week 3 when the rolling word count was my enemy and nothing seemed to really be moving forward even though words were pouring out onto the page.

So I reached the finish and I’m almost at a loss for what to do, this whole novel thing has consumed almost every thought for the past month and now there is no need for that. I am sure that I will have a whole bunch of ideas still running through my head and I might put them down onto paper, but then again I might not. With the exception of one piece that I need to edit because I want to get it out before the New Year I intend on taking it easy on the writing thing. Mainly because I would quite like for it to not feel like an obligation and also because honestly I don’t think I could string an actual sentence of decency together anymore without somehow linking it back to the novel that I have just finished writing. So I am taking a step back and moving on to my second favourite thing.


Always been a believer to be a better writer you have to read and that is something that I have not been doing enough of recently. There is no real reason behind it other than sometimes it was just incredibly hard to read a book just to read it after I spent years analysing every aspect of them and blitzing through at least two books a week without really taking the time to really appreciate it. But I have had distance from that in the past few months and also come to the conclusion that reading critically isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

So this month I am going to finally attempt to finish what I am pretty sure is 6 half finished books…I mean that might be ridiculous in the first place. I started some of these books months ago, I am putting a lot of faith in my memory. Some are more finished than others so I might start with the ones that are nearer the end (and I think therefore the ones that I started most recently) and then work backwards. I dunno, I don’t really have a plan for this other than to kick start my reading habit again after a far too long dry spell.

While I try and finish (*deep breath*) Slaughterhouse 5, The Maze Runner, The Secret History, Good Omens and then also start and finish Gone Girl and Life of Pi (writing it down in a list like that makes it seem even more ridiculous and I do not live in a world where I honestly believe that I will finish all of these in 31 days but I like a challenge and something to focus my attention on) I will also be getting fully into the Christmas spirit. I have been feeling oddly into Christmas this year, I even bought a couple of jumpers because I was in the mood to. Next week I might even get the bulk of my Christmas shopping done, and trains are a good place to get some reading done anyway (even at rush hour, because that is an art I have mastered).

I don’t really know how December will pan out in terms of posts. I mean they will still most likely be weekly but what they will contain is a bit up in the air. One will definitely be that thing I was talking about earlier that I need to edit, but the rest…well we’ll see.

See you next week!

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