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New week, same old Monday feeling (she says as she writes this on a Sunday night…with the pre-Monday blues, so the feeling will definitely slowly be finally leaving me by the time this posts).

And on this Monday I decided to do another 5 Posts to Write Right Now post because I saw it the other day when I was doing a bit of reading during my lunch break and decided to give it a shot. I have done one of these before at the beginning of the year which can be found over here and I saw the reason behind this post over here on The Daily Post’s blog and if you hadn’t guessed by the title, it’s TV inspired, which isn’t that hard to talk about because I watch A LOT of TV (and I am also not doing this in the that the post was intended to be used, I’m just gonna talk about the things that spring to mind when I see the headings, maybe one day I will do it was made to be done).

To be continued

Look I love a good cliffhanger…just as long as I can watch the second part to that cliffhanger within a minute after I have seen the dreaded words ‘to be continued’. The level of smug I feel when I am the middle of binge watching something and an episode ends like that and then ‘next episode will start in 15 seconds’ is pretty much off the scale.

But that doesn’t always happen. I sometimes watch things in real time and then I am left with the fact that I have to wait for the second part. It’s awful. I mean it’s great, but it’s also awful. It can get a bit obsessive as I try to think of how that story can conclude and then I tend to just worst case scenario it and go into watching the next episode convinced that ALL the bad things are gonna happen. Oh, but the worst part is when there is a ‘to be continued’ as the FINAL episode of the season and I have to then wait months for the next part. That’s too much to bear. (I am really good at being melodramatic) (Also those three words just remind me of My Mad Fat Diary and then I get a bit sad because I MISS that show, and if you haven’t seen it, get it in your life. It’s beautiful, heartbreaking at times, but always astounding.)

All of time and space

Okay, confession time, I don’t know whether or not I actually like sci-fi. Our relationship is very complicated. I was watching Prometheus again the other day (not a TV show I know, but bear with me) and the first time I did that I got bored half way through. This time I was slightly less bored but no more certain as to whether or not I actually liked it.

The same applies to Doctor Who. I loved it when David Tennant was the Doctor, then I got bored mid-way through Matt Smith’s first season because I realised that I didn’t necessarily actually enjoy the world that the Doctor plays in. I dunno, I like the odd episode now, but I can’t seem to commit to a whole season without trailing off and leaving it to do it’s thing without me watching it.

Star Wars is a world I want to live in, Star Trek I can take or leave. It’s just one of those genres that sometimes I like and sometimes I don’t, veering more towards the latter more often than not. Objectively I can always appreciate it, but consistently enjoying it is a different matter completely…as is writing it now that I think about it.


I don’t know if I have ever watched a spin-off of a TV show…

I have heard about various ones and I have seen a bunch of TV shows that touch base with other shows, but an outright spin-off I’m not too sure about. The Flash might count as one, and I love that show.

Maybe I just don’t give them a chance, or maybe some of them are never as good as the show that they spun away from.

Oh no, wait. I watched Joey when it was on! Yeah, that wasn’t all that great, but then again in comparisons to Friends it was never going to be. And I still kinda liked it, mainly because it was easy to watch.

Keep it campy

I don’t know why, probably because I was literally just talking about it and I was watching it earlier (on Sunday) but I thought about Friends. Some of those episodes were so wonderfully ridiculous and it gifted me Chandler Bing. It’s one of those shows that I can always watch and always find funny, even when I know exactly what is going to happen and can quote it at the drop of a hat. I love that show a lot and will probably continue to do so util the end of time.

Basking in the glow

When I read this heading for the first time I thought about TV shows that have concluded.

Now Lost left me incredibly jaded because what the ever loving fuck happened there? Still bitter about it. I actually quite liked the ending of Friends (last time I shall mention that in this post). Being Human I am unsure about how I feel about it. Still. It was one of those slight cliffhangers that are never going to get resolved and I can’t decide if I’m okay with that. I hate unresolved things. Merlin, made me almost cry. I love that show, I miss that show terribly. It’s been 8 years (almost to the day actually, I googled it I don’t just know that btw) since it magicked its way into my life and I am forever grateful for that. Friday Night Lights was weirdly my everything (weird because at the time I knew next to nothing about American football) for about 9 months or so and I almost cried when that finished because it was just my favourite show ever and still is (but having said that I say that about a lot of shows). Breaking Bad had one of the BEST character/story arcs over its time that I have ever witnessed unfold in my life. I got to the second half of the final season and knew that I didn’t have to worry about it falling into the Lost category of endings because it was so obviously going to get the ending right. And boy did it. Best. Show. Ever.

(Special shout out to Gilmore Girls as well, which ended just the way I wanted it to…almost, but it’s a small personal preference that I have made peace with)

And I’m done talking about TV shows now. Enjoy the rest of your Monday and I hope you all have great weeks!

Parentheses count: 11. See you tomorrow!

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