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Now I’ve been feeling the need to make some small changes to my skincare routine so that I can really get my skin back to living as good a life as possible.

I’ve mentioned this a lot before, it’s mostly on point at the point since Glossier came into my life (which I’ll bang on about tomorrow) however there are some areas that need to be tweaked.

For one I don’t properly exfoliate as much as I should. I also need to use a more detoxifying mask than whatever one I currently have in circulation.

These things have now been phased into my life as of w/c October 1st (thank you calendar for aligning like that). As well as a few other products because as happened last year when Glossier was introduced into my life, this year I discovered Frank Body. So the increase in baby pink packaging in my life has also doubled.

I came across them because I was reading an article about body scrubs and I’m always looking for new ones to try as my current one is sugar based and tbh I prefer something a little coarser.

The Frank Body one uses coffee. It’s not secret that I love coffee. So guess what happened?

I own a ton of Frank Body stuff now. In that fashion here comes a review of them now that I’m a month into using them.

Firstly, I love the packaging. It’s so tongue in cheek and honestly it just makes me happy. Onto the products themselves.

Glow Mask – This mask is interesting. One, you rinse it with cold water. Two you only leave it on for 5 minutes. It also goes on quite sheer and so it kind of makes you wonder whether it actually works. The day after I used it I got told twice that my skin looked like it was glowing. Glowing, not shiny, which has been (and kind of continues to be) an issue for my t-zone specifically. It’s so quick and easy to use and it works. I use this on Thursday nights to give it a bit of a mid-week pick me up.

Anti-Drama Face Mask – This is my detoxifying mask. I use it on Sundays for an end of week refresh (the Sunday night face ritual is sacred). This is a 15 minute jobby and I like it. I enjoy a clay mask and this one isn’t too much of a nightmare to remove which always a plus and it does leave my skin feeling smoother and a little calmer. It’s just what I need at the end of a week.

Creamy Face Scrub  – Okay, so here we hit some products that actually have coffee in them. This face scrub is my proper exfoliation of the week. I do it on Wednesday nights because that’s typically when I box in the evening and so the sweat is real and I just need a bit of a deeper clean. The thing about this is that it’s also a bit of a mini mask as you have to leave it on for 3 minutes after rubbing it in, which is fine in the grand scheme of things. That does take some getting used to. The coffee is coarse enough that it feels like you’re getting a good scrub on but it doesn’t feel abrasive and once it’s washed away my skin feels all smooth and shit (and my moisturiser goes on like a dream).

Original Espresso Scrub – I love the colour of the packaging and the message on the front. Also, this shit is messy. So messy, there is really no way for it to not be messy. It feels a little weird to a part of my brain to be using coffee grounds all over my arms and legs (primarily) but you can get over it. You also need to leave this on for a bit after its been rubbed in which is fine. Beyond the mess it is actually really ice to apply and there is something very satisfying about rinsing it off. It leaves my skin feeling so damn smooth. (I also have a peppermint one that I’ve not opened yet but I’m intrigued by it as it’s supposed to be good on post workout muscles.)

Lip Scrub – I really needed a new one of these that I was inclined to actually use. I like this one. A lot.  It has a great consistency to it and really get in there in terms of buff away all that dead stuff.

Lip Balm  –  Which leads me nicely to this one. I like this product. Mostly. It’s really thick, to the point where until it had been in my hand for a couple of minutes I could not get anything out. It has a hint of a coffee taste to it which I love and funnily enough it is the perfect companion to the lip scrub.

Body Cream – And here we have the final product I own (because when I commit to a brand, I commit hard). This is maybe my least favourite product just because it’s not my type of moisturiser. It smells really sweet and it is on the thicker side which I like, but also if you use even a smidge too much you are just rubbing it in for about a decade. I’m unlikely to purchase this again.

I’ve pretty much covered almost all the bases in what Frank Body have to offer. Most of them have been aces. The only thing really left for me to monitor is how long they last for to see just how cost effective they turn out to be. Overall through, I’m a very happy camper, as is my skin.

Also, this is totally not sponsored,  it’s just a referral link I have if you want to try out any products, which if you hadn’t guessed I would totally recommend, right here and also get a cheeky little discount.

Parentheses count: 8. See you tomorrow!Main sign off

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