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Get To Know Me Fortnight: Confession Sunday

Hi, Hey, Hello!

The title says it all, for the next two weeks I am going to post things that divulge fairly random information about me. This is mainly coming from a place of uber organisation on my part so that I can dedicate my time to other things (like reading, I have honestly finished a single book this year. Not good.), but it is also because I feel like this is a fun way of getting to know the blogger behind the words (outside of my incredibly random tweets and too many pictures of my dog and also food, that’s a trend I noticed recently).

So, I am kick-starting this fortnight with Confession Sunday.

1) I forget to wash my hair more than I care to admit: My hair is long and curly as hell and a nightmare to deal with when it comes to washing it. I am fairly lucky that I have the kind of hair that doesn’t look incredibly bad when it hasn’t been washed for a while which is maybe part of the problem. I condition it more than I wash it because my hair needs conditioner waayyyy more than shampoo. And sometimes, when I finally try to calculate the days between washes and realise that it’s been a while, I have to psych myself up to flip my head over the bath and deal with the mess.

2) I can’t drive: And kind of don’t really have inclination to learn currently. I walk almost everywhere and I live just outside London so trains are easily accessible and commuting into the city isn’t really that hard. Yes, it’s expensive, but it works out cheaper than driving into London and dealing with parking. The only downside to my current lack of ability to navigate my life behind the wheel of a car is that the idea of a road trip has been ruled out until further notice.

3) I have a serious sweet tooth: I buy those big bags of chocolate that have the words ‘to share’ emblazoned all over them and accidentally eat the whole thing before I even notice. On most days feel like I could just take a cake, of almost any size (but no tiers), and a fork and eat the whole thing with ease. I have to hide the biscuits that I buy from myself so that I don’t eat them in one sitting. I get drawn to confectionery aisles in almost all shops and find myself just staring at it all in mild awe. Currently Easter displays are up and there is just so much different chocolate on show that it almost overwhelms me. That is made worse because I know that I won’t taste it all (even though, yes, I know that most of it tastes the same but is just shaped as a egg or rabbit).

4) I watch too many cooking and quiz shows: I am unemployed the quiz shows are all that are on in the afternoon. But, hey, I retain random information to wow (I don’t know how much wowing it really does) people with. The cooking shows are an addiction of sorts. If there is one on then I will probably watch it. Nigella Lawson, Nigel Slater, Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay (although they are less cooking shows and more him shouting at people to get better at their jobs at the moment), are my usual suspects. I just sit there and watch them create all these dishes that on the whole I have NO intention of actually making myself. I watch them so often that I don’t even feel hungry when I watch them anymore. And don’t get me started on cooking reality shows because I will devour them for no apparent reason, other than the fact that I have a slight problem.

5) I don’t have a coffee order: Okay, yes I am talking about coffee again and this may sound like a ridiculous statement but hear me out. I know people who order the same thing every single time regardless of where they go to get their coffee (for example, my mum is always a skinny latte, the size changes and sometimes she gets an extra shot, but fundamentally it is always a latte). Mine isn’t that consistent. Sometimes it’s a mocha with a  shot of hazelnut, sometimes just a mocha (over the Christmas season I was all about the peppermint mochas). Vanilla spice lattes, caramel macchiatos, lattes, lattes with a shot of hazelnut/caramel, white chocolate mochas, iced lattes, iced mochas, the occasional caramel frappe (and also last year I got so into that mocha coconut frappe that Starbucks did, and also java chip frappes are so good and I am sad they don’t have them here) and flat whites. My choices are broad and differ depending on how I feel when I walk into whatever coffee shop I am going to on that day and the seasons largely speaking mean nothing. Sometimes I momentarily wish that I had picked something else while I wait for my drink because it turns out that I really want caramel but am waiting for hazelnut (that doesn’t last long, I take that first sip and then I am happy). Choosing the coffee is in itself part of the process of going into a coffee shop. If it makes any difference the size usually stays the same, so I’m consistent in that respect. (Yes I have noticed that I banged on about coffee for the longest, is it a confession if I say that really quite like talking about coffee…)

So, that’s it. Confession Sunday down.

Parentheses count: 12. See you on Wednesday!

(Side note, I updated my reading challenge page, some reviews will come towards the end of the month)

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