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I’ve broken glass for emergency book talk again because, well for the same reasons as yesterday really. And well I ended up in some kind of YouTube vortex and this is where I ended up. So, here we go. A book based tag using the Gilmore Girls as inspiration. What is not to love for me?

Lorelai: A character with a witty or sarcastic sense of humour: There are probably many, but the only one I can think of is, Cath Fangirl. And I don’t even think she’s all that sarcastic, but she came to mind and so I’m rolling with it.

Rory: Favourite classic: I remain such a sucker for Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen.

Luke: A book you secretly love, but are afraid to admit: I don’t think I’m all that ashamed of any book that I’ve ever read because I don’t really believe in that sort of thing, so I don’t think I have any answer.

Lane: A musical character: Why can’t I think of a single musical character that I have encountered? Have I ever encountered one? I cannot remember. No one is springing to mind…No one at all. That cannot be right. That seems so unlikely a truth…but I think it might be. Damn.

Dean: Your first book love (character or book you first loved): The first book that I full on fell in love with was Double Act, Jacqueline Wilson. It started all of this and I’m grateful for that.

Sookie: A book you’ve devoured: I have devoured so many books in my time. The whole Anna and the French Kiss trilogy, Stephanie Perkins though comes to mind. I think I read that last book in about 3 hours. 

Jess: A book you love, that gets the most hate: I don’t tend to pay that much attention to what other people say about books, I don’t pay attention to reviews or anything. If I like a book then I like it, if I don’t I don’t.

Miss Patty: A book that was ruined by the hype: I read the first Twilight book before the hype really took off and then it did what it did and I felt that  

Emily Gilmore: An expensive book: The most expensive book I’ve bought recently was the leatherbound edition of the Complete Works of Shakespeare. I don’t even care though, it’s beautiful and Shakespeare.

Paris: An uptight character: The first one that comes to mind is actually Alec Lightwood, just because he was the last one I encountered.

And that’s another book tag done.

Parentheses count: 0. See you tomorrow!

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