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Glossier – A Year On

Hi, Hey, Hello!

If you can even believe (said in the tone of JVN always) I have been using Glossier products for a year now.

The die hard obsession that I initially harboured has cooled down a little and I no longer feel super compelled to buy every new thing they release, and has simmered to a constant appreciation instead.

Because I stand by the fact that these product have changed my damn skin’s life.

My skin was slowly becoming a bigger and bigger oil slick and had just somehow became worse that it was when I was a teenager and it needed to catch a break.

Glossier did that.

And my skin is slowly clawing its way back to having never been better.

And when I say crawl I really do mean crawl.

Not only did I need a skin care routine that would deal with all the oiliness (seriously I have combo skin, but it was just always oily) I also needed one that would tackle the hyperpigmentation my face so loves to cling on to.

Over the course of the past year this skincare routing (along with a couple of skincare supplements here and there) have tackled them both.

Especially the oiliness. My face by mid morning no longer looks shiny. My makeup if I don’t set it (which I did a couple of times last month as some kind of test) actually has some staying power and doesn’t just fall off my face into oblivion. In that regard I am no longer low key bothered by the skin of my face.

The hyperpigmentation is the slowest crawl of them all. I did some serious damage over the years. I remain a spot picker, however I am better at not picking, which means for the most part the only thing I’m expecting a consistent skincare routine to do for me is gently fad away old scars (I say this, I for a spot on my forehead recently that was just so juicy I was picking it before I even knew what I doing and thus a new scar appeared). And it’s working.

The thing that I credit the most for this development was the introduction of Solution to my routine. It’s been a game changer in all ways. Since using it and getting through the initial month adaptation (my skin always needs a lot of adjustment, I don’t make a call until a month in) my skin has really been thriving. The texture is so much smoother, there’s been an even further reduction in my old friend shininess. And the marks are leaving. Most of the more recent ones are almost faded completely, but those older ones are stubborn.

I keep getting compliments about my skin because it does look so much better and clearer. And to be honest, hearing that sometimes is useful as when you look at your own face everyday it can be difficult to see change. Also, I don’t know if it’s related to the products or just consistency, but I get far fewer breakouts than I used to . They are usually hormonal when they do happen (that’s a lie, they definitely are, they happen every month like clockwork). The lack of excessive breakouts does also contribute to the lack of opportunity to create new marks.

So the skincare stuff I’m a fan of still. They have done great things to my skin and ave crossed off another thing that I no longer need to feel self conscious about. Oh and I love that I have a sunscreen that doesn’t take ages to rub in and still leaving me looking a little grey.

The makeup stuff I’ve kind of let fall to the wayside. I haven’t even looked at the skin tint for months, if at all this year and the concealer just doesn’t really fit in with my make up routing anymore and it comes up a little dark. I will say that I bought the Lash Stick and while I don’t think it’s gonna reinvent mascara as we know it, it is a good daytime alternative because my ride or die mascara is A LOT for when I’m just trying to be chill.

I still haven’t made a decision about any of the serums and at this point I might leave it because I’ve got one that is working just fine, but they have a spot stick yet to launch in the UK that I really wanna try because even though I don’t have huge breakouts anymore they do still happen and I’m gonna try anything that’s gonna potentially minimise the amount of opportunity I have to pick my face.

And so there we are. A year on the Glossier train and I remain a happy passenger excited to see what else they may bring.

Parentheses count: 6. See you tomorrow!

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