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GTKM: Top 10 Christina Aguilera Songs

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I mentioned briefly in this post that one day I will write a Top 10 list for my favourite Christina Aguilera songs, and well that day is today. After Confession Sunday the other day I decided my next post should be musically related mainly because there isn’t really any me without music and no other artist has truly affected me the way that Aguilera has. Plus this is kind of like some kind of mammoth personal challenge.

Bit of background, Stripped is it for me. I have loved a lot of albums since obviously, I love a new one every month, but this one burrowed into my heart and has never left. It’s been there for over a decade (there are very few things that I am still interested in after that long, I can probably count them on both hands) and I can’t imagine it ever leaving. I can go months (heck even years) without listening to it from start to finish, but when I do, it’s like coming home. Back to Basics is just everything I love about music, I lost the ball slightly with Bionic but then Lotus came about it was like Stripped 2.0 and I almost cried about it.

(There may or may not have also been an embarrassing moment in Madame Tussauds when I came across her wax figure and my best friend may or may not have looked at me wondering what she got herself into being friends with me as I full on squealed down at her. And I may or may not also just curl up in on myself whenever I watch her doing a live performance, especially if I have never seen it before. This was the most recent one for me and I had to actually brace myself for the final big note that I knew was coming, thankfully I was alone. And this video may or may not have made my actual day when I watched it the first time at the back end of February.)

Anyway on with the list.

1) Fighter

I kind of have to start with this one. It is kind of like my mantra in life. It’s the one that I need to listen when things seem especially shitty. It’s the one that I can see me getting lyrics from tattooed on me because I will make that kind of permanent dedication to it. It’s the one I first truly identified with on the album. It’s the one that is my most played of hers. It’s the one for me, and so it has to open this list up.

2) The Voice Within

Also kind of an obvious choice for me. For the same reasons as Fighter. It’s an anthem to me. I have cried to this song many a time. It has this weird ability to both let me wallow and also get everything back together. So it’s a good’un.

3) You Lost Me

I am just gonna get all the ones that make me uncharacteristically emotional out of the way. I first heard this song on American Idol when she just came out on stage and fucking slayed. If I didn’t love her before, the voice control and the beautiful raw simplicity of this performance and the song would have done it for me. This song just cuts me to the core and has stuck with me.

4) Bound to You

Last one. Now I am unsure whether I loved Burlesque because it just the perfect kind of chick flick or if it was because of the cast (hello it also includes Cher and my main man Stanley Tucci!). Although in the end I guess it doesn’t really matter, I like it. Also the soundtrack is so, so great. This song is simple and stunning and everything you could want from one of the two ballads of the film. (As a side note, You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me is also so damn stellar it makes me weak. If I could actually sing this would be my go-to slow karaoke song.)

5) Candyman

Total change of pace here. I used to watch the video so much on various music channels on TV because I loved it. There were 3 Christina’s and scatting, enough said. It also wound its way into being the song I played most when I was getting ready for a night out (when I wasn’t listening to Beyonce, or being completely left field with it and listening to the mellowest songs imaginable). And if I wasn’t actually listening to it, I was badly singing it as I tried to match my eyeliner wings.

6) Just A Fool

Such a good duet. Like so, so good. It was the song I played the most once I had listened to Lotus as a whole. It’s the one I always go to first when I listen to the album these days. Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera’s voices are just perfect together on this.

7) Your Body

If you are gonna start releasing new music this is a pretty good song to do it with if you ask me. I said about Jealous in my Feb playlist that I forgot that there was a clean version, well the same applies to this song as well. It makes it a tad bit awkward when you’re singing it casually as you go about your business in the house that you live in with your family. All in all this is a great song to dance to and you have to love anything that makes you want to do that.

8) Empty Words

My The Voice Within 2.0. Without the urge to cry attached with it. Lotus and with it this song came out a time when it turned out I would really need to be told that my own happiness and self-worth wasn’t dependent on other people. This song encompasses that idea perfectly. The journey starts when I begin loving me resonated with me in a huge way and is something that I took hugely to heart and started doing, slowly but surely. Two and a half years later and I am definitely happier than I was then and I’m not saying it is all attributed to this song, but it definitely added to the slow burning fire.

9) Makes Me Wanna Pray

I am obsessed with this version purely because it shows off her vocal talent in a way that always makes me stop what I’m doing just so I can listen to it. Bonus, I love the band.

10) Dirrty

I mean, the video has a lot to answer for in terms of my life. In the best possible way. This was also, if I’m not mistaken, the first rap in a song that I learnt because I wanted to be able to the sing whole song from start to finish, and I can still, so that’s awesome. (As a side note, and totally on a tangent, I cannot see or write the word awesome without briefly getting Everything Is Awesome from The Lego Movie in my head). This is also one of my usual getting ready songs and also a really good song to use when I needed a little break from everything to just stop and dance.

So that’s it.

I guarantee that if you were to ask me to do this again in a day or even in a few hours I would give you a very different top 10 (and yes that would include the first album because I am aware that I have failed to mention it entirely). There is however a small part of me that feels like I’m making the other songs sad for not putting them in this list, and yes I am fully aware of how ridiculous that sounds as a concept, but ho hey.

Parentheses count: 8. See you on Sunday!

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