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Hi, Hey, Hello!

So, it’s a new year and I just started my first sentence of the year with the word ‘so’ because some things just don’t change.

I decided to wait a week before I made my first post back because well I decided to be a bit organised, but there will be more on that tomorrow, it also means that today is my first day back at a work and the rude awakening of a 7:40am alarm when to be honest I had become quite accustomed for the most part to rolling out of bed at noon…I was tired okay.

Now, there have been some obvious changes I guess if you just take a look at the very words that this page is on, I have a new layout and a new look although that is pretty much where the changes stop. It’s the same blog and it will pretty much include the same content.

I mean there are some slight changes, well at least I intend there to be in some way. I’m doing something crazy (not really) and am upping my posting schedule back to 7 times a week. Basically Friday is now going to (hopefully) be the day in which I post something creative (writing wise). It is my way to try and kickstart myself to being actively a bit more creative on a more regular basis because currently it just exists in short bursts at random times and I never really do anything with them and it’s starting to mildly annoy me. So I’m going to do something about it this year. However they are dispensable and I’m not gonna beat myself up about it should I not post on a Friday, but currently I have a fair few amount of things that I can edit and post so I can go for a few weeks at least with that.

That’s pretty much it really. Oh, just a word of warning, be prepared for a lot of book chat. A lot. I got some catching up to do with all the books that still need reviewing from 2016 and then setting the stage for the 2017 Reading Challenge, which will be slightly different this year. And then I imagine by the time that I get all those done I will probably have read a book or two that will then need reviewing…there’s a lot of that coming basically, so this is your warning.

And on that note, even though we are now 9 days into the year…I hope you have a great 2017.

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!

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  • shaunkellett

    Welcome back! It’s inspiring to see someone getting organised on here, creating a schedule and upping a post count. It’s one of the things I love about the start of a Year, things get interesting and creative! Great post 🙂 Hopefully 2017 serves to be productive!

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