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Remember that bullet journal of mine? Don’t blame you if you don’t. I don’t. It was a project that I tried to make work but then ultimately didn’t because I just didn’t really know what to do with it and couldn’t figure out a way to make it work for me in terms of coding and all that jazz.

I also never set up a habit tracker.

Which felt like it might have been the most useful part of the whole thing. Yes, I need to get better at making to-do lists for the days and I’ve already started a finance tracker in a separate notebook (seriously I own so many notebooks I always forget, and then I find a new one) and other than that I didn’t really see the point in it.

Anyway, at the beginning of the year (which for real seems like a lifetime ago) I was reading an article about apps that can help you get your resolutions in check and one caught my eye the most:


Basically you just set up some goals and then how often you want to achieve the thing and then you check in when you’ve done it. You can also set up reminders for it to pop and just let you know that you need to do the thing.

I currently only use it to remind to take my vitamins each day because I missed a few days in quick succession because I deleted the VITL app off my phone to clear up some storage and that used to remind me and well my days were all aligning up and then they weren’t because I kept missing them and I apparently needed the reminder.

So I did that.

And now at 2pm I get little reminder to take it and usually it always does because I’ve forgotten about it and then I get to check in and build up a streak. If there is one thing that I have learnt about myself it’s that I give a much bigger shit about it when there is a streak to build up. I do it with Timehop, I do it with Peak. I am currently doing it with this. I am only on a 13 day streak, but it’s a streak.

The vitamins one is currently the only that I am actively doing.

But there are other habits that I can try to track with it now. And that I want to track as well.

One of them is, yeah you can probably guess it, write. I am gonna set a notification. I’m finally buckling down on it. For real.

I also want to track my sugar intake, maybe my caffeine one as well. I don’t know how, but yeah it’s an idea. There are others as well that I might consider but I don’t really know how to track them (like saving…where do I start with that?).

I dunno, this basically started out as a reminder for myself and then I realised that it could be a habit tracker and it’s something that feels like it might be close to organisation and we all know what’s going on there with this one.

So that’s where I’m at. Weirdly switching from writing shit down to doing it with an app. Or maybe that’s not weird.

It’s where we are with this.

I’m starting to habit track it now.

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!


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