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Honestly, there are two half written posts in the Notes section of my phone that I can’t quite finish because the words won’t do what I want them to and so this one came to me on a bit of whim as I sat on my sofa on Sunday afternoon watching The Little Mermaid and feeling a little bit bleurgh and a lot achey.

I feel achey because I finally got back into a Lift class after two weeks away which means it’s been 3 weeks since I did any weight training. And it somehow without me really knowing it taught me something. And something that I hear an awful lot but kind of never really truly think is actually the case. In fact that’s been the case of the whole week.

My body is actually way more capable of doing things than my mind gives it credit for.

It started on Thursday (it actually kind of started with some planks on both Tuesday and Wednesday but they are always a minefield and I know I can hold one for 60 seconds at most, that gets me through them at all times) in barre when we moved on to doing single leg stuff with a weight on the left ankle. The right side had already been done and it burned but that weight remained around my ankle. When it came to the left side after about 10 reps by right glute had all but given up and then the instructor was like take the weight off if it already hurts. And my brain was like ‘yes do that, it will make everything easier’. Except for one part of it which was like ‘ummmmm no, that is not going to be a good balance, keep the damn weight on’. And well I did. And I got through it and then enjoyed my blessed rest day on Friday.

The same thing then happened yesterday.

I knew I hadn’t lifted in a few weeks (I had thought about just not going again a little out of fear, but feel the fear and do it anyway and all that jazz) and I was feeling kind of tired and I’d heard rumours about the new release for this class being savage, which was confirmed when while we set up the instructor (her name is Alice, she ruined me twice last week and I kind of love her for it) was like ‘yeah, it’s killer. It came with a couple of things that I hadn’t done before and well my mind was like ‘you’re insane to think that you can lift where you were 3 weeks ago.’

I ignored that voice, realised that my body still knew how to do a deadlift properly and could figure out the single deadlift with little issue. My knees didn’t give up on me. And look, my clean and presses felt stronger yesterday then they have for a while because my technique for them has come a really long way (on a different note, I found out on Saturday that the instructor for that class (who I love) also thinks that I’m decent enough to be used as a point of reference if need be for a class…which is a little mind blowing).

Yeah, it was hard and there were things that I didn’t quite nail because my shoulders just aren’t that mobile (I’ve mentioned that before I think, about my tight shoulders that I didn’t know I had until I started working out) so there was some things that really burned and they will not do shit while I’m at a 45 degree angle. Yet. I also really need to work on my lunges and try and get my one legged balance back (although that shit is not consistent, sometimes my left leg can’t take the balance, sometimes it’s my right, yesterday it was my right) and I’m trying to get my squats lower, but I find squats hard when they’re not weighted, adding 13kg (not quite I realised the other day) makes them harder funnily enough.

I also need to work a little bit on the placement of that damn barbell on my neck/shoulders, it’s fine for the most part but I have a really fucking bony spine and so if it’s off even slightly then things aren’t ideal. I may need to invest in some kind of padding for the barbell and see what that does.

But this week in general I have decided that I am going to focus waaayyyyy more on quality of movement and try to get that all nailed.

And then when I go back to this class I am going to try and add an overhead press in the final track from a certain move, because I’m not going up in weight (yet) and I can’t see my squats getting any deeper when it’s my 5th workout of the week and my legs have been worked. Although that will be my next mission once I’ve got the overhead press thing under control. And then I’ll deal with the going up on weight thing.

I was weirdly more nervous to get back to this class now then I was when I first went into it for reasons that I do not know. I think just because I had got it to a point where I could kind of manage it and then I had to take some time away from it and there is kind of some weird worry that you’ve forgotten how to do it and will undo all the work that you had done. That’s obviously not the case.

And I left the class shaking but ultimately feeling great. Which is all you can ask for from a workout sometimes.

Parentheses count: 8. See you tomorrow!


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