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It is Thursday (almost Friday) as I start to write this and I have come to realise that I don’t really have anything to write about. I was debating on making this an exercise in how I can write a lot of words and not really say anything of any importance in a way that makes it almost seem like a waste of time for me to even be writing it, let alone have people reading it. And that would be easy to do, and honestly it is probably something that I would be good at doing too. In fact it something that I have managed to do for this entire paragraph…

Don’t worry I am not going to continue getting all meta-fictional on you. Honestly it is one real headache to get to grips with and also something that can go one of two ways when you are reading it. You either think it is clever, or rather annoying (yet somehow you are oddly appreciative of it at the same time). I mean I can talk about my relationship to meta-fiction, but honestly I had to think about that A LOT towards the end of my second semester this year and it made my head hurt with its continual trapping of itself and the way it became almost a slog to read through pages and pages of prose that is so aware of itself as a literary construction, and yep my head hurts again just thinking about it. So no, I won’t talk about that…

I did actually graduate this week. Like with the cap and gown and all. The cap which did in actual fact stay on my head, which was impressive considering how much hair I have and how many problems it causes me in terms of hats and stuff. I also didn’t stumble or fall over in my heels, which to be honest isn’t usually a problem with me, I can walk in five inch heels quite easily and feel relatively confident in doing so. However stick a whole room full of people staring at me as I have to walk across a stage and shake a hand (in addition to the cap which I was never at any point really 100% convinced wouldn’t just decide to jump ship onto the floor in a dramatic fashion) and the only thought that was going through my head was, ‘I am going to be the one that stacks it epically at the most inopportune time’. So yay to the small victories in life (and also the ones that save me any public embarrassment).

Germany also won the World Cup, which was bittersweet for me. Good because I felt like Germany were the team that deserved to win the most when looking at the tournament as a whole. Sad because it means that the damn thing is over. So I am now just counting down the days until domestic football starts back up again, which is coming in at about a month now, so not long. (I guess I can fill my sports void with the Commonwealth games which begins next week, but it may just not be the same, I am very attached to football).

I have somehow managed to just fill a page up with words that may or may not be actually interesting to read. So I guess I kind of did do what the first paragraph says in a roundabout way, except I think there was some important content to a degree in here in somewhere…

I will be better next week. See you then.

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