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Hit and Miss

Cupid released the first arrow and watched as it flew silently through the air and hit his target straight through the heart. Cupid watched a whole host of emotions play across their face before it settled on bliss and then turned back to normal before they carried on walking.

Satisfied that his job had been done he turned his attention to the second person. The other half of the perfect pairing. Cupid secured the arrow and pulled it back, before taking a deep breath, zoning in on the target and releasing the arrow. Cupid watched as the arrow flew across the sky looking to be on track to reach its target.

That was until a slight gust of wind moved the arrow slightly. Taking it off its course and striking someone else. Cupid watched the same various emotions cross their face. Then saw the blue line connecting both of the recently struck people. The lines between soul mates was red. Always red. The line was either red or white. White meaning unattached. Cupid had never seen a blue line before.

‘That’s weird,’ Cupid thought, ‘I’ve never hit the wrong person like that before.’

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