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I have recently learned that I am the type of person who breaks glass for emergency beauty post, because that is very much what this is a product of today and is the thing I default to when I have, tragically, run out of book things to talk about and because most of my creative efforts are being channeled into my Camp Nano piece I’ve run that well down quite considerably as well. But I can always think of something beauty related to talk about (so seriously, expect to see the depths of my lipstick hoarding problem at some point this week, it will be revealing to all, especially me as I am still in slight denial about it all).

Now I have made a couple of Top 10 posts and mentioned a lot of beauty products in that Pamper Day/Night Stuff post that I did a couple of weeks ago, but these are my 100% cannot be without products:

1) Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Butter – This is my go to moisturiser and as I mentioned the other day I buy it whenever I can even if I’ve only just opened a new tub. I do not like having to use others, and I have yet to find one that is even remotely decent a substitute on the occasions that I have do have to purchase other ones in the interim.

2) Paco Rabanne Lady Million – I thought I could go without this for a little bit and use a cheaper alternative for a while because it was running out and then I sprayed my last bit on Saturday and before I knew it I was in Superdrug buying some more (and getting a free vanity case in the process).

3) Conditioner – I am currently swearing by American Cream as I am sure you have gathered over the past few weeks where I just bring it up whenever I can these days, but I am also partial to Aussie haircare, especially any 3 minute miracle (except the one for coloured hair). My hair soaks up conditioner at a rate quicker than I can buy it it feels to be perfectly honest. I can sort of blag a few days without shampoo, but conditioner I cannot do without.

4) Smashbox Primer – Face, Eyes and Eyelashes. I bought a sample kit as yet another Christmas present to myself because it was on sale and I kept hearing people banging on about the importance of primer to stop your make up from evaporating straight off your face and I have to say they work. My make up goes on a lot smoother and it sticks around.

5) Bobbi Brown Mineral Foundation – This was my first foundation and it remains my favourite. I switched to a liquid one at some in the last year and the coverage for that one was a lot fuller which at the time I quite liked and maybe it’s because it’s now summer and that amount of coverage is a risky game to play especially because the sun has finally come out so I have found myself returning to this a lot more. It’s buildable and so if I want a fuller coverage I can get it, but I stick to medium. Also bonus SPF.

6) Rub, Rub, Rub – Again a product that I know I keep banging on about, but it has become a staple and I find myself already thinking “how many uses am I going to get out of this until I have to replace it?”

7) Sure MotionSense – Either the pink or the blue one, preferably the pink. I’ve tried and tested a lot of deodorants over the years and this is my one. I bulk buy the shit out of this.

8) Mascara – This is just in a general sense. I can’t be without mascara, on the days that I’m going for just a light look it will always include mascara. I was a Maybelline girl for years because they always seemed to get it right and I am still a massive fan of the Push Up Drama, but a few months back I was in Urban Decay and the girl who helped me out gave me a sample of their Perversion mascara and said she had tried loads of them, but this was her ultimate fave and she can’t use any other and I get that. I have become mildly obsessed with it. It’s super black and makes my lashes look fantastic.

9) Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper – My eyebrows are important to me. That is not a sentence I ever thought I would say, but that is the truth. They’re already quite strong as brows go so I don’t like to overload them with product and make it look like I have slugs on my face (gross) and this in Brunette is perfect.

10) Lipstick – I’m gonna round this off with a springboard that post that I was talking about in the beginning of this post. Now I don’t wear lipstick every day because it’s too much effort to do in the morning when I barely can make it out of the door on time. But whenever I’m making an effort no look is complete without lipstick. I favour darker colours as you will shortly know, and I love them all. Even though picking which lipstick to wear is sometimes the hardest decision I make for occasions.

And that’s 10 of my must have products.

Parentheses count: 4. See you tomorrow!

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