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Hope You’re Happy

To whomever finds this,

I hope you’re happy.

No, really I do.

I hope that you find that thing that calms you down whenever everything feels like it’s getting too much. I hope you have that one song that just gets you for whatever mood you’re in. I hope that you get your preferred hot drink of choice just as it hits the perfect temperature.

I hope your favourite TV show is always there to welcome you back with open arms when you need it most. And that your favourite pair of jeans never loses whatever it is that makes them just right.

I hope you avoid that downpour of rain by seconds when you are without an umbrella. And that you reach an platform just as the train pulls in and it’s not overly crowded.

I hope you find that comfort food dish that reminds you of something and warms you from the inside out…and is easy to achieve. I hope that at some point, for whatever reason, you bake the perfect cake. And I mean the perfect cake.

I hope you find that perfect book to snuggle up in some blankets with on cold, grey day as the night draws in. Maybe the one you found this note in will prove to be that to you.

I hope that the bad, hard days don’t last as long as the good ones and the really good ones and the great ones.

So yes, I hope you’re happy.

And if you’re not right now, I hope you will be soon.

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