How Do You Stay Creative?

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So it is probably coming across at various points on my blog right now that I am kind of very fascinated by the idea of creativity. Like really into it. I think that’s mainly because I am in minor panic mode about this still yet to be blog specified project and I am living in fear that mine is just gonna go on a holiday and not return to me when I need it. Which is kind of not what I need. Because I need it right now. Until at least the end of April. Then it can scamper if it wants.

I mean I don’t want it to, but as long as it gets me through to the end of next month I’m not fussed.

So, while I live in slight fear of it, I am gonna talk about how I stay creative. If I can pinpoint how I do that exactly…

Well first of all I read. Like a shit ton. I read a lot of crap (Sidebar of Shame I’m looking at it kinda…not as often as I used to but often enough that I still hate myself a little every time it happens) and I read a lot of random stuff because Buzzfeed exists and it is very easy to get distracted. But I also read a lot of great stuff. Like truly great stuff.

Articles and books and all things in between (I mean I can’t pinpoint what the things in between are, but I’m sure they exist). Truly incredible stuff that kind of makes me never want to do anything creative ever again. But then sort of fuels me to do something. Anything. To just pick up a pen or sit behind a keypad and start writing.

Which brings me onto the next thing that I do.

I just write. It’s oddly enough the only time I don’t live in fear of writing shit. I just write.

Most of the time it’s just an odd sentence that won’t leave me alone and I need to get it out, so I do. And then it’s gone and I never really do anything else with them. Other than get them out of my head. Usually that leads to some other kind of idea that actually exists for longer than 10 words (see this whole ever expanding thing).

I think the lack of fear of writing shit, which happens very rarely and usually happens when I am trying to get my way out of a total block, is what sparks something else. So maybe I should do that more often (I mean I probably won’t, but we’ll see).

Another thing I do is take a damn break. And not feel guilty about it. I used to spend so much time feeling bad about the fact that I wasn’t writing anything. I mean is that not the point? Is that not what I like and enjoy doing? Why am I not doing it? Just one long big guilt cycle that funnily enough doesn’t help with the whole being creative thing.

For most of last week I got home from work and was like ‘I’m gonna do some writing’ and you know what? I didn’t (perks of having all your posts for the week already scheduled). I watched the same episode of a TV show over Wednesday and Thursday instead (not in its entirety, but most of it). I scrolled through Tumblr for no apparent reason with no real purpose. I played Candy Crush and took too many Buzzfeed quizzes. It reached 11 every night and I had nothing to prove for my productivity and after Monday I realised that I didn’t care. I probably needed it.

And you know what, by the weekend I had a new surge of creativity hit me and suddenly I had all these ideas again, ones that are related to my current project and a couple related to a future project (I swear I am gonna explain that one day). And I finally had some ideas for all the blog posts that I need to write for the next couple of weeks.

I felt stupidly guilty come Monday night when I went to bed and had done nothing that I wanted to do, but when I did the same on Tuesday and then Wednesday I stopped feeling guilty and just accepted it (and found out that my Scandinavian name is Hjördís).

And then I read again. Read all the things. Just read. Reading is everything to me (if that wasn’t obvious at this point). Basically the key to my creativity is reading.

What about you? What do you do to stay creative?

Parentheses count: 8. See you tomorrow!

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