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Hi, Hey. Hello.

Not gonna lie I actually forgot today was Wednesday, somehow it crept up on me because all my days sort of blur into one even though I try to keep as busy as possible. Which meant that when I remembered last night in the middle of watching the Oscars I also realised that I didn’t really have anything to write about, and then a subject presented itself.

Social media.

More specifically parents and social media.

Now I have never been one of those people who particularly care about whether my parents are my friend on Facebook or follow me on Twitter because I have no real reason to. I pretty much only use Facebook as a way to store a lot of my pictures in one place and to keep in touch with a couple of people. I pay next to no attention to it, in fact the last thing I did was update my cover photo, if my parents want to see me do a whole lot of nothing and look at pictures that aren’t all that incriminating then they can go for it.

Same goes for my Twitter as well to be honest. It is my social media platform of choice but even then it’s not like I say anything on there that I wouldn’t say to my parents, if I was the kind of person to just talk in random song lyrics at my parents (although honestly at this point in time I don’t think they would be all that surprised if I did). If anything I am more censored on there then I am in life, I have a self imposed, rarely broken rule about the swear words I will and won’t use. I don’t know why, I just do. Me in life, not so censored and I used to be around my parents but over time that has stopped being the case.

The reason I am bringing this up is because I have forgotten that it’s the case. I forget my mum follows me on Twitter even though she told me to tweet a lot when I went away to New York/Orlando over summer last year because that was her way of checking up on me. I don’t tweet with her in mind, or anyone in mind for that matter, except I guess the artist of the song whose lyrics I am tweeting briefly. I largely just forget that people even read my tweets.

And then my mum brings something up in conversation that I know I haven’t said to her, but remember definitely tweeting about. For example towards the end of my final year in May I mentioned hunching over a desk and my back hating me for it and then my mum tried (and kinda failed, long story, maybe for another day) to send me something with the note ‘hunch over these instead’. For Christmas I got given a beautiful giraffe onesie that hadn’t even crossed my mind beyond me adding it to a wish list on Boux Avenue (as a side note I am so in love with that website it hurts). I didn’t mention it aloud, heck I didn’t even mention the website that I saw it on. I just mentioned in 140 characters (probably a bit less) something about owning one and then there it was beautifully wrapped and when I donned it (obviously) mum mentioned that saw my tweet about it back in November and went about finding one. (she then also told me that she couldn’t find me a loom but she could perhaps substitute it for a sewing machine when I tweeted that I was a loom away from being Miranda in the last episode of that show).

Anyway onto to why I decided to ramble about this for hundreds of words. Last night just as my mum was getting to head off to start getting ready for bed she looked at me and said something like ‘I gave up coffee for years and then decided that was silly so started drinking it again.’ It took me a second to figure out why she had brought it up and then it dawned on me that I talked about how it is a clear lie that it takes 21 days to break habit because at day 26 the daydreams about coffee are stronger than ever. I then proceeded to blow her mind when she asked if this coffee drought also meant that I hadn’t been to Starbucks all month (it does). And that seemed to shock her more than anything because even though I never actually talk about the fact I spend a lot of time in there it is a truth universally acknowledged that I spend a lot of time in there. The fact that I have also given that up too seemed to surprise her more than the fact that I was foolish enough to give up coffee in the first place.

Because that is another thing that I got out of this brief conversation with her about it. She also thinks I am silly, in fact everyone I know does at this point. She asked me why, and when I gave her no real reason (because seriously of all the things I’ve decided to do on whim this is the most unexplainable) she just shook her head and laughed. The only thing I could give her was that I am never gonna give it up again because she made a very good point…why give up the things I enjoy?

(While typing most of this up I finally watched Brokeback Mountain from start to finish and got a little bit of work for a couple of weeks next month. I also have three other things that I need to do over the rest of the week, two of which are blog related, so yay to productivity)

Parentheses count: 9. See you Sunday!

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