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I Think You’re Wrong

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So yeah, yesterday was a no show, mainly because I was super duper tired and the creativity thing is still alluding me so I thought it was best to just let yesterday go. I didn’t actually write this all that recently, my notebook says it was actually written around this time last year, and it is apparently just a short manifestation of my slight obsession with mermaids. I have no real recollection if this was meant to be a part of something or what the hell the inspiration was or anything about it really. I just know that I wrote it and now I am typing it up.

‘I think you were wrong.’ Ophelia opened her eyes and blinked rapidly as she looked up at Harry.

‘Was my door not locked?’ She asked sleepily.

‘It was, but you taught me that unlocking trick a long time ago. In fact I think it was the first thing you taught me.’ Harry took a deep, shaky breath and watched as Ophelia pushed herself upright in her bed.

‘So, why did you feel it necessary to break into my room in the middle of the night?’

‘It’s barely 10. And I came to tell you that I think you were wrong.’

‘Wrong about what?’

‘Well, me.’ He replied uncertainly.

‘What about you?”

‘I was not attaching myself to you because you there and you made me feel somewhat normal again while everyone else kept apologising to me. It was real. I’ve had distance I still feel that way. It’s real.’

‘No, it’s not Haz.’

‘How can you say that? I know I’m not on my own here. I’ve been in your head, I know you think the same thing.’ He cried. Ophelia forced her duvet off her and swung her legs out of the bed, standing to look Harry level in the eyes.

‘And I’ve been in yours. And I’ve been careful, really I have. Or at least I’ve tried to be. But you’re still so weak and maybe I wasn’t careful enough. I know I slipped once, but I thought I caught that. But maybe I didn’t Maybe that was enough.’ Ophelia was mostly muttering to herself and Harry snapped his fingers in front of her face to try and get her to focus again. It didn’t work, so he tried talking to her again.

‘Phi you’re not making any sense!’

‘I’m stronger than you are and you’re still so green. Maybe it was enough.’ She continued muttering.

‘Ophelia!’ She stopped mid sentence and turned to face Harry.

‘Do you not find it a bit strange that I don’t seem to leave this place?’ She asked, clearly focused again.

‘I guess I figured you don’t have any need to go outside.’

‘Is that not weird to you? You started going mad after a week. I’ve been here 20 years.’

‘Excuse the pun, but you’re institutionalised. Or at least that’s what I’ve always put it down to.’

‘Why can’t I figure you out properly?’ She asked suddenly as she frowned. Harry simply shook his head.

‘Why do you need to be able to do that?’

‘Because it keeps everybody else safe.’ She stated bluntly.

‘Safe from what?’

‘From me.’

‘Are you dangerous?’ He asked timidly and confused.

‘Have you ever noticed that I am always surrounded by women?’ She asked, Harry’s face fell slightly at the apparent non-answer.

‘Women outnumber the men here, I didn’t think it was that weird.’ He shrugged.

‘But I am never around them…’

‘You’re never really around people Phi, it’s not something I pay all that much attention to.’ Harry’s voice cracked slightly and Ophelia closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

‘My dad is still being kept on ice because they are trying to figure out the effect aspects of our abilities have on humans.’ She blinked her eyes open slowly and took in Harry’s confused face.

‘But you only have two of the three?’ He asked uncertainly.

‘I think you know that’s not true.’ She said sadly.

‘So, what does that mean?’ He asked as he slowly started to piece together where she was coming from.

‘I don’t really know. I tried to be careful, really I did. There was one slip up, but I covered it, I know I did. But my instincts are all skewed because of you and I don’t know what’s happening anymore.’ Harry carefully stepped forward and placed his hands on her shoulders.

‘Phi, I need you to explain what is happening here.’ He said slowly as his eyebrows scrunched into a frown.

‘Sirens.’ Ophelia whispered.

‘Not an explanation.’ He gently smiled.

‘The third ability. The mind control thing, it’s a siren trait. It’s why it’s so rare. It’s why men stay clear of me. It’s why I was so reluctant to help you figure everything out.’

‘Hang on, are you saying that people trade their voices in order to feel the sand between the toes and find their prince?’

‘Don’t be ridiculous.’ But a smile was tugging at her lips nonetheless.

‘Oh right, yes sorry. You tell me mermaids exist and I’m being ridiculous.’ He dropped his hands and laughed.

‘Because mermaids is the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard recently?’ A smile broke out across her face briefly. He shrugged.

‘So what, is your mum one or something?’

‘Pretty much.’

‘And how does that work?’

‘Look, I’m not 100% certain about the actual logistics of it all. But yeah I’m half tele-human, half-siren.’

‘So what am I then?’ Harry asked, still confused about so much of the world that he now inhabited.

‘That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Your parents were strong but scared, hence your repression, and as far as I’m aware they were biologically yours. But you have the potential for all 3 I know you do. I can feel it anytime I’m in your head. But I don’t know, I can’t figure you out.’ Harry nodded just out of something to do in response.

‘Say you did use your siren abilities on me and that’s why iI feel like this, would it have worked if I was part siren as well?’ The words sounded unsure coming out of his mouth.

‘You’re weak and susceptible. So yeah, it probably would.’

‘And there is no way of knowing?’

‘No, not really,’ There was a pause and an almost uncomfortable silence that fell over them.

‘I still think you’re wrong.’ Harry said into the silence eventually.

‘And I want to be wrong.’ She said barely above a whisper.

‘Really?’ Harry raised an eyebrow and scoffed.

‘Don’t tell anyone.’ She slapped him gently on the arm.

‘Can I ask you a question?’


‘Why did you agree to train me?’

‘It’s a siren’s instincts to try and lure those they find attractive into some kind of trap. I’m pretty good at ignoring it because I grew up with most of the guys here just around and well, they’re like family at this point. But you were new and I forgot to be careful. So I said yes.’

‘Do you regret saying yes?’

‘Some days yes, most days no.’

‘Good. I still think you’re wrong though. So, what was the slip up.’

‘It’s all about phrasing with me. I mean I can have a perfectly normal conversation with most people and it’s fine. But the way I say things means everything.’

‘So, what was it?’

‘It was a joke. I meant it as a joke.’

‘”You can think of me and I’ll keep you warm at night”.’ Harry supplied.


‘I was already thinking of you a shit ton by then. I didn’t pay those words  much mind.’

‘Well it was dangerous nonetheless.’

‘Arguably it’s more dangerous to let me in your head.’

‘Nah, I’m good at keeping people out of the places I don’t want them. It’s almost second nature to me at this point. Never been concerned about that. Me talking is much more dangerous.’

‘If you say so.’ He nodded once and then there was a knock on the door. Both of them turned to look at it.

‘Did you lock the door behind you?’ She whispered, slowly dragging both of their bodies towards the bed.

‘Yeah, why?’

‘Just checking, I’m not trusting that whoever it is on the other side of the door won’t try and open it but if it’s locked then they will respect that. Unlike some people.’ She smiled and laughed slightly as his sheepish face.

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