In the Case of Protein

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Can I just say that I am very aware that the title of this post is kind of ridiculous, but as we all know titles are not my strong suit.

I’m talking about protein powders.

I use them.

Currently only on days that I work out, but as I mentioned the other day that is now 5 times a week.

I’ve used both whey and vegan protein and so I’m gonna talk about them because it just felt like something interesting to talk about…and also because there was a note in my phone about it.

So, I had to convert to vegan protein recently, and by recently I mean in October and so that is where I’m at with this now. Still on the vegan protein.

This is mainly because I forgot that whey protein is a form of dairy. I have to keep my intake of dairy to as low as I can because it doesn’t sit right with me in ‘large doses’. I can have 2 flat whites a day and am fine, if I have 3 it all goes tits up. I eat cheese on pizza and I’m partial to a bit of feta. Plus at Christmas time I go in on the Baileys. But for the most part I keep it to a minimum.

Which is why it explained so damn much when I was reminded that whey was a form of dairy, because while the protein powder was doing it’s job it was also making me feel a little bit less than great. I mean I was still feeling fine once I got some food in me and because I drink so much damn water the effects weren’t so bad that they ruined my life or anything.

But it was a dairy product that I was consuming 5 times a week when I got back on protein powder come September/October time and so I needed to cut it out because I’m less inclined to give up my second flat white.

Anyway, now I’m on vegan protein and I guess it has made a difference in terms of sitting better with me but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still miss my whey protein. Oh by the way, these are always chocolate flavoured, natural just sounds unappealing and I’m not a huge fan of vanilla flavoured products outside of ice cream (and I don’t like chocolate ice cream all that much, go figure).

Strpped – Whey

This was my very first protein powder and I didn’t hate it, but I also didn’t necessarily love it. I only bought it once and then I moved on to one that got the better reviews and seemed more trustworthy and so I switched. I’ll be honest, I don’t really remember much about it, I think it tasted chocolatey enough and it blended well enough, but I don’t have anything else to offer about this.

Neat Nutrition – Whey

This was the one that I switched to. And I loved it. It had a great flavour, it blended well. It was creamy. It was nice. I loved it. I am still so sad that I had to say goodbye to it. I went through 2 or 3 bags I think before I had my realisation.

Neat Nutrition – Vegan

When I had to make the switch it made sense to me that I should just stick with the same brand. And so I did. I hated this after the first few times because it didn’t blend properly and it tasted sooooo different to the one that I had come to love. I think because I just had to jump straight into using it quite frequently I got used to it quite quickly. It blends better now actually, it’s honestly just a case of how long I leave the damn shaker to dry the night before. Not joking, it happened with the whey as well. My main issue with this one is mouth feel. It feels earthy or something in my mouth, as opposed to creamy. Most of the time it’s fine and to be honest it’s gone within about 5 minutes once it’s fully shaken so I don’t notice it that much. Sometimes I notice it though and it’s gross.

VITL – Vegan

Okay, this shit is legit. It blends like a whey and I loved it. I got a free sachet of it over Black Friday and I kind of didn’t expect much of it. It has a lot of other vitamins in as well so it’s more enhanced than my Neat one which probably helps with the blend of it and also the creaminess of it. The taste of chocolate was also sooooo strong and good. The problem with this one is that it’s significantly more expensive than my usual one. The biggest package you can get this in is 500g and I can get 1kg for £34 of the Neat stuff and that lasted me about 6 weeks. A 500g pouch cost £29.95 one off or £24.95 if I get it monthly, which might not actually be enough meaning that it would be an expensive supplement to keep. However, this is my treat yo self protein, so when I finish my current bag I will get a bag of this. I love it so much. It’s my favourite.

Can I just say that I probably won’t change from my Neat one until I can maybe find one that I don’t mind drinking 5 times a week and I’m not about to spend money on one that turns out to be awful and then get stuck with it for weeks, the one I currently have is fine. So I’m in research mode for that anyway, I heard things about Awesome Supplements and how their vegan protein is good, so that might be a potential in around about a month’s time when I am looking for a new one.

And that’s me talking about protein powder for nearly 1,000 words.

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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