January Playlist

January Playlist

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It’s the last Sunday of the month and some things just don’t ever change, meaning it is playlist time. This playlist was cobbled together quite haphazardly as I came to the realisation that the reason I am exposed to so much music is because at work I am plugged into Radio 1 and I hear a whole variety of things all day, 5 days a week. Left to my own devices I basically just listen to same thing all the time (still on heavy rotation is Glory Days). So although waking up and going into work is still a bit of a struggle after 2 and a half weeks of extremely lazy mornings, it does mean that I am getting a wide variety of music in my life again, which helped get this playlist put together.

1) What You Want – THEY

Ummm, this is kind of my jam right now. It opens this month’s playlist for that reason alone.

2) Play – Finding Neverland (Ensemble Version)

I rediscovered this whole soundtrack a couple of weeks ago, because it’s underrated and I had forgotten about it for some reason. This version is like joy epitomised to me. It just makes me so happy to listen to it and it’s so laid back and the vocals are so good (to be expected from an ensemble).

3) Bad Things – Machine Gun Kelly ft Camila Cabello

I didn’t like this song when I first heard it, but as with a lot of things with me, upon repeat exposure it grew on me and now every time I hear it I can’t help but sing along.

4) Blame – Bastille

I would really like to know why I continue to forget that I really fucking love Bastille? It’s like when a new song of theirs is heard by me on the radio I literally always love it, but then I continually forget to download their album to have on heavy rotation in my life so I keep repeating this cycle. The most recent song to cause this cycle is the above.

5) Shape Of You – Ed Sheeran

Shall I count all the ways in which I happy that Ed Sheeran is back? Let’s not, it might go on a while. This song is my fave of the two. It’s just sooooo good. I love the lyrics and the overall beat of the song.

6) Castle On The Hill – Ed Sheeran

This song is nostalgia personified. It’s got such sweet undertones to it and it just further confirmed how happy I was to have Ed Sheeran back. Just so, so happy.

7) All Night – Chance the Rapper

I am very late to the Chance the Rapper party. Like very late. And this was my gateway into him. This song has the kind of vibes that I want in my life at all times. Especially on a Monday morning when it gets me out of that inevitable Monday funk.

8) Fake Love – Drake

I have succumbed to this song. It’s definitely to do with the fact that I keep on hearing it. It’s better than One Dance if you ask me…which considering how long it was Number One here is apparently controversial, but not as good as Too Good (which is underrated if you ask me). So I like it just fine, and I’ve heard it a lot this month, so here it is.

(And yeah, I know this ain’t Drake singing, it’s Shawn Mendes’ Live Lounge cover, but it was the only decent version I could find on the ol’ YouTube)

9) Sohn- Conrad

I am super excited to hear more of Conrad’s stuff if this is anything to go by. Again, it gives me such great vibes and has a really killer baseline that I can’t help but bop to it as I’m sitting at my desk.

10) Candy Rain – Soul for Real

Curveball last song today, not chosen by me, but by R. To which I replied that it all sounded very impractical. So the playlist ends today with something a little bit old school.

What songs have you been loving recently? (I will at some point need to stop listening to Glory Days, so am open to all music)

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow!

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