January Playlist

January Playlist

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Somehow it is now February and with a new months comes something that I actually remembered I said I would do at the back end of last year. So, the January playlist is a go.

1) Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars

Obviously. This song has been my go to for the past few months if I just need to improve my mood. I listen to it almost daily and Bruno singing it live is always amazing because he changes it up every time and is such an outstanding performer that it’s never boring. (And Fall Out Boy did a cover of it which is a little slice of heaven for me)

2) Jet Black Blues and Fourth of July – Fall Out Boy

While I am talking about Fall Out Boy, American Beauty/American Psycho as an album is one of my faves from them. But then again I say that about every new album of theirs. Save Rock and Roll set quite a high bench mark in my own head and then I heard the whole of this album and just freaked out with how much I loved it. I had to pick two songs from it and even that was hard because I love every single song so much.

3) You Are In Love – Taylor Swift

Slight change of pace, but this song is my favourite off 1989. I was kind of indifferent to it and then one day when I was feeling particularly…well I don’t quite know what word to use to describe it, but anyway on this occasion I truly heard the lyrics of this song and that was it. I was in love.

4) Little Do You Know – Alex and Sierra

I watched them on The X Factor USA back in 2013 and was rooting for them to win from their audition.  It’s About Us is so chill and is the kind of album that I can imagine listening to on a road trip, (that I will currently never take because I can’t drive. But aspirations are a great thing!) and this is my stand out song on the album.

5) Where Do Broken Hearts Go – One Direction

Yeahhh I probably over replay this song and I imagine if people heard the amount I listen to it then it would annoy them quite a lot. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever listened to it just once, but I typically always stop at 4. It’s maybe borderline excessive, but then again maybe it isn’t and I will keep doing it until I start to hate it (which given my track record might actually take a while…ah well). The whole of FOUR is great and I love it, but this song currently owns me.

6) Something That We’re Not – Demi Lovato

I wrote most of this blog post as I was listening to Demi because I forgot how much I love, love Demi Lovato and I was gonna put Nightingale in this list (which I guess I have just done) and then I remembered this song which makes me want to dance and shout at the top of my lungs and that is kind of all you need from a song sometimes.

7) Problem – Hozier

Okay, technically this is an Ariana Grande song, buuttt Hozier covered it in the Live Lounge on Friday and it took me all of 5 seconds to fall in love with it. Hozier is one of my favourite new artists and I love so many of his songs (Work Song for one is a stand out). And this cover is delightful.

8) Dreams – Fleetwood Mac

I mentioned in the beginning of last week’s post that I was having a bit of a Fleetwood Mac moment, well that moment carried on through the week in some capacity and this song kept returning to my head. Something that I am not mad about at all because it also prompted me to remember that this cover of this song also exists which is equally awesome.

9) So Far Away – Mary Lambert

This has basically been a period of time of me revisiting albums that I loved last year but kind of lost along the way and then falling in love with so many songs, like I’m hearing them for the first time, again. And that, clearly, includes Heart On My Sleeve with this one being my stand out track and the one that I always find myself returning to.

10) Burn With You and Battlefield – Lea Michele

I always tell myself that I’m gonna stick to 10 songs with this playlists and I have done that once so far…Anyway I have loved Battlefield since the moment I heard the first note almost 2 years ago and my love just grows stronger the more I hear it. Burn With You however was always one of those songs that I liked and enjoyed and then I just heard it in a completely different way one day and I was almost floored with how beautiful a song I found it to be. Hence why there are two songs from Louder here right now (although I could totally have added others, it was one of my fave albums from 2013.)

So that’s it for this month’s playlist (or technically last month given that it is the first). These are gonna be a monthly feature and will come on the last Sunday of the month, or the first Sunday on month as has happened today. Another little piece of admin, I am gonna start posting on Wednesdays as well now. It’s mainly to get a little bit more structure and allow me to get stuff out quicker because my notebook is getting a bit full and editing stuff is going well and I’m excited to share it.

Parentheses count: 7. See you on Wednesday! 

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