July Playlist

July Playlist

Hi, Hey, Hello!

It’s that time again and for the first time in, what I am going say, since March I updated the music on my iPod and stopped relying on YouTube. So now I have those moments where I maybe get too into a song in the middle of the street as opposed to the comfort of my own home. Anyway Top 10 time:

1) Want To Want Me – Jason Derulo

Some songs just put me in a really good mood, this is one of them. Perfect summer tune, even though I have been jamming to it for months now…

2) Shine – Years and Years

Yeah so Communion came out this month and unsurprisingly I love it. I picked this song purely because at the time I was doing this it was marginally ahead in terms of being my favourite song off the album. (However, shout out to Foundation for actually making me physically stop in my tracks for a couple of seconds the first time I heard it walking home)

3) Coffee – Miguel

Yeah, so Miguel’s album WILDHEART is a thing that I have been listening to a lot this month rather unexpectedly. I listened to this one on repeat for a night accidentally, which wasn’t all that terrible thing. In fact it was a pretty great thing.

4) Stitches – Shawn Mendes

Pretty sure this was recommended to me one day and I clicked on it because I know the name just never actually listened to a single ting he has ever sung. And I liked it. Quite a bit. To the point that I knew all the words by the end of the day… (Bonus acoustic version)

5) Girl Crush – Little Big Town

Okay so I have heard this song so much this month it’s ridiculous. I fell full on in love with it. I listened to the orginal on repeat for ages and then when I got ‘bored’ of that I listened to cover after cover. My favourite 3 (yes 3!) are the following: Kelly Clarkson, because when do I ever not love her? Halestorm, because Lzzy Hale’s voice is EVERYTHING (side note Here’s to Us, great, great song) and then Demi Knight which was just a beautiful, unexpected gift of a cover.

There is very little I don’t love about this song if that’s not obvious, just everything about it marries up perfectly and I looovveeeee it.

Yeah, love it.

6) Cool For The Summer – Demi Lovato

Slight change of pace but a great summer song.

7) Work This Body – Walk The Moon

Okay so I downloaded Talking is Hard and let me tell you it was hard to just pick one song from it because it is soooo good. I love them all. But this was my stand out song the first time I listened to it and so I am going with it for this playlist. But seriously, the whole album, damn.

8) Something I Need – OneRepublic

Because my musical taste works in cycles I had to check which songs I had already put on a playlist so that I don’t repeat songs and other than rediscovering some great songs (go me!) I was also shocked to discover that not once have I ever put a OneRepublic song on here. I love this song and come back to it on a regular basis since I first heard it at the back end of LAST year and so am confused as to why I have never waxed lyrical about it on this blog.

So I’m doing that now. There is something about the lyrics to this song that I just really, really love.

9) Be Okay – Oh Honey

This song just makes me really happy. That’s all.

10) Bitch Better Have My Money/ American Oxygen – Rihanna

Okay yeah so these are two COMPLETELY different types of songs but I couldn’t pick just one, so here’s both.

BBHMM is pretty much just that song that I turn up really loud and because I am continuing my love affair have a Kelly Clarkson Live Lounge cover as well.

American Oxygen is just such a beautiful song about something and I had forgotten about it until I watched the BBHMM video and it came up on the sidebar and I fell in love all over again.


Parentheses count: 6. See you on Wednesday!

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