June Playlist

June Playlist

Hi, Hey, Hello!

I interrupt my mammoth blogging feat (all together everything in that verse is amounting to nearly 70,000 words…what?) for a musical interlude.

This month, in a surprising turn of events, has seen a minor departure from Fall Out Boy (I will continue to lose my shit when one of their songs come on the radio though) and has been one where I have heard a lot of new stuff (or for a couple of songs, rediscovered). So on we go with it then.

1) Hooked on a Feeling – Blue Swede

Okay it’s probably a slightly better kept secret on this blog because I have almost no cause to talk about it, but Guardians of the Galaxy is my shit. I love it. So much. An unexpected amount to be honest. I saw it with my best friend one summer’s day with no expectations and well it was pretty damn good. One of the reasons for this is Awesome Mix Volume 1. And this is I think, currently (it changes often though, hello The Pina Colada Song), my favourite one and the one that reminds me most of the film. So it’s my opening track this month.

2) Black Magic – Little Mix

I was indifferent to this when I first heard it, then I liked it, then I loved it and now I am teetering very close to the edge of hating it I have listened to it so much. That’s all.

3) Passing Time – Heffron Drive ft Logan Henderson

So I discovered this album, Happy Mistakes: Unplugged, at like 11pm one night while I was sorting out all these blog posts and what not and it is hella chilled out. It was the perfect tonic to one of those days where everything just seemed a bit shit. And I am super happy that I discovered it by pure chance. This is my favourite one off it.

4) Hold Me Down – Halsey

Again I stumbled on this, I think because I kept seeing lyrics from her song Colours and finally decided to just head on over to YouTube. And I like Colours,  but this song was my favourite of the ones I listened to on YouTube, mainly for the lyric ‘I sold my soul to a three piece’. (I dunno what it is about that one line, but I’m here for it.)

5) Invincible – Kelly Clarkson

Is there a Kelly Clarkson song I don’t adore? The answer is no, probably not. And this is no exception. On lyrics alone this is my favourite song at the moment and then add to that delicious mix that it’s pretty catchy and you’re onto a winner with me.

6) Kiss Me Quick – Nathan Sykes

I was like a half fan of The Wanted, I dunno one day I just stopped listening to them and honestly now I only listen to a couple of songs (mainly their cover of Iris because I will listen to that song on loop and a bit of variety is nice sometimes and then randomly Glad You Came recently.) Speaking of Iris though, it was that song that I realised that Nathan could siiiiinnggggg (and then again when he did that duet with Ariana Grande). Anyway onto this, YouTube recommended this to me, and usually I ignore them (because sometimes I watch randomness on there and that really affects your recommendations and makes them full of stuff that largely is non-interesting, I’m sure you’ve experienced the same thing), but this time I thought ‘meh why not’ and I was glad that I did. It makes me feel summery and given that it’s June there is nothing wrong a bit of summer vibes.

7) Fight Song – Rachel Platten

I honestly don’t remember how I came across this song, the internet vortex comes into play here. All I know is that I am uh-bsessed with it and sing it while I make my dinner (quietly mind you) on most evenings right now. And, you know, totally rocking out to it when there are no witnesses (except my dog, sometimes).

8) Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd

I don’t quite know when it happened but I am listening to The Weeknd A LOT right now. (I imagine it happened when I sat up one day and realised that I fucking love Earned It.) But anyway the other day (June 17th, if you want an actual date, because the phrase ‘the other day’ has been known to be actual months ago with me sometimes) I finally listened to this after seeing a lot of people talking about in on Twitter for the first time and, well I loved it. It’s another one of those songs that puts me in the mood for summer nights.

9) Beautiful to Me – Olly Murs

I first heard this when I was watching his set at Radio 1’s Big Weekend and it didn’t take long for me to be like ‘yeah I could jam to this’. And, again, it’s one of the songs that (I didn’t realise this until recently though) gets obnoxiously loud when it comes on the radio.

10) Man I Feel Like a Woman – Shania Twain

I opened with an oldie and I’m gonna close with one as well, because one night last week I fell proper back in love with Shania Twain (hello, You’re Still the One is a bloody brilliant song). This one though just has something about it that makes me incredibly happy, maybe it’s the slight nostalgia that comes with it. And, plus it’s good to know that I still know ALL the words (yet when it comes to maths, that thing I studied for 11 years, I remember nothing. Nothing.).

And that’s a small sample of what I’ve been listening to this month, mainly after 10pm and mainly when I was typing and scheduling for Snapshot. Hope you liked it!

Now, it’s been a while since I’ve done this: Parentheses count: 15. See you tomorrow!

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