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It is Day 22 of Camp Nano and I am on 42,129, words so I am ahead of schedule and also have more words than that that have yet to make it onto the Word document. I am fairly confident that I am going to make it to my target and it won’t feel completely like pulling teeth, because that is what Nano felt like by the end of November and is one of the reasons why I still haven’t really finished it, but I can also sense that my return to it is imminent and that it will require some HUGE editing. So I have a new project, or the continuation of an old project many moons after it was started if you want to get technical.

But first I need to finish the one that I am already doing, which is proving harder to do because the other night while I was sitting around as the clocked ticked closer to midnight I got hit with a brand new idea. A brand new idea is unlike things I have ever thought about writing before. A brand new idea that requires a whole bunch of research about various things that might make my Google search history a mildly interesting place to go. A brand new idea that I know will require actual brainstorming and planning and basically approaching it like an essay.

It has been nearly a year since I approached anything like an essay. I am terrible at planning things. I have done Nano twice now and I didn’t plan the plots for either beyond a basic structure that I treated more like guidelines than anything else. I have no plan for this Snapshot Series thing, not really anyway. The reason I latched onto it in the way I did is because there was no real structure to it. I didn’t need to have a plan for it, and where that has kind of come to bite me recently as I try to track things and remember names and ages and roughly place things over the timeline that I have created, largely speaking there is this agency of freedom to it that I love. So it’s fun.

That’s not to say that this idea that is mulling over (and also bouncing around) in my head won’t be fun. There is a large part of me that is looking forward to escaping to and creating this world and this story. But it is also hugely daunting because it is an unknown for me. An unknown that comes with a huge bunch of planning and other things that may not be associated with me (I will forever stand by there being order to my chaos). And it is also one that has to wait until next month. I have 8 days to finish this current thing up properly and then I can get started on it.

And hope that I don’t get another idea in the middle of planning that one…

Parentheses count: 2! See you on Sunday for what I have just realised is the last Sunday of the month, so music time!

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