Letters to Autumn 10
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Letters to Autumn 10

Dear Autumn,

I don’t know if I’ve ever talked about this before, I truly can’t remember. I know I’ve talked about the fact that I hate not finishing books in a general sense, but this? Not too sure.

But anyway, you know what I’ve only just recently accepted as being a perfectly fine thing to do?

Pick up a book, realise a few pages/chapters/whatever in that it’s not that book’s time, put it back down and move on.

I have soldiered through many a book that I just wasn’t meshing with it in a strange hope that it will reach a turning point and somehow get better.

At that moment in time it almost never does and then I just find myself kind of never wanting to read another book again. Which in turns feels a little bit detrimental for my desire to just do all the reading, so it leaves me feeling a little bit useless, which is not what you want from something that actually brings you quite a bit of joy.

Anyway, something in me finally clicked this year, maybe it’s the fact that I’m actively trying to read the most of amount of books in a year than I have before (it’s defo that), and now I feel perfectly just accepting that I’m not vibing with a book at that moment in time and then I move on.

If you look at my Goodreads sidebar it will tell you that I am ‘currently reading’ a lot of books. That’s a lie. I’m not really reading any of them bar the Gay ones. I’ve been ‘currently reading’ Don Juan and Hamilton all year apparently, that’s fake news, I’ve just not changed the shelf.

And I feel perfectly fine about it. I wouldn’t have been as much as a year ago, but now? It just makes sense.

I’m currently reading Bad Feminist, which a collection of essays. I got 120 pages in and realised that I kind of wanted to sit with a narrative for a bit. So I paused Bad Feminist and picked up Vox which hit the spot.

And I’ll go back to the essays soon. I was enjoying the book, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t want reading what is actually quite thought provoking stuff to turn into a chore. So I pressed pause and finished a book instead taking me one step closer to my final goal for the year.

It’s actually quite a freeing way to read in the end. I try to call it within 100 pages because otherwise it feels like too much of an investment to have made with no pay off. There  have only been a few exceptions to this, and those are when I was reading the last book in the Rebel series because I’d been with it for so long that I kind of just wanted out of it. And it happened also by the time I hit War Storm. I needed to not be in that world anymore, it made an already long books feel longer, but I knew if I lost momentum with them both then I’d have been unlikely to pick it back up again, which would have been annoying.

But yeah, this new approach has changed the game for me. I’m legit lowkey annoyed at myself for not accepting that it was perfectly fine thing to do sooner.

Love,Main sign off

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