Letters to Autumn 11
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 11

Dear Autumn,

I’m back in London. As of 14:30 that happened. I had a nice reintroduction to being back in London by getting on the Piccadilly line and having to stand for half an hour on a relatively packed tube, with a suitcase, a backpack, my now useless jacket and my dinner. You never quite appreciated just how much shit you have then when you have to rearrange yourself to not be that person on the tube.

It was a lot and the sweat was real. Seriously it was dripping down my back…

I then had to do the same thing on a bus which was a little harder because there were two pushchairs on the bus and so very little wiggle room with my suitcase. Oh and although I was feeling low key kind of smug that I planned my journey so that I missed rush hour through King’s Cross I clearly did not plan it enough to factor in the fact that if I wanted to be semi lazy and not get off the tube that my journey was going to coincide with schools getting out (it might not have if I hadn’t spent an absurd amount of time looking for something that actually just was not stocked in that particular Waitrose).

So it was a packed final leg after what had actually been quite a chill journey. There was something very satisfying about the fact that I burned through 100 pages of my book and didn’t have to stress about making connections because there was so much time. I could enjoy my coffee. It took up a fair amount of time but it was stress free so it was grand.

However as I basically travelled through lunch and my connection in Doncaster was too early for lunch was that I basically got back to London and was just soooo hungry. I’d had a protein bar and some tortilla chips by 4:30 and I’d been awake since 8 (not technically, I was still in bed but the rain was lashing down on the window of the room I was in so I wasn’t sleeping as deeply as I would have liked). So I was hungry and I’ve done so much eating since then.

I’m mainly just trying to prep myself for the fact that I go back to work tomorrow and then again on Sunday…good one me, that planning is just A+. The small mercy is that I only have to do 1 day this week and I’m just gonna deal with the back to back working Sundays as they come.

Love,Main sign off

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