Letters to Autumn 11
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 11

Dear Autumn,

I’m gonna be honest, there is too much Christmas talk around right now.

I can barely feel your presence and yet it seems like everyone and their dog are talking about Christmas already. There are seasonal sandwiches in M&S (okay I only saw the one, but the festive packaging was there) and advent calendars dotted around in amongst the pumpkin shaped chocolates.

Yesterday running errands I noticed the dedicated Christmas aisle was all set up and prepared in Superdrug and I saw a bag emblazoned with the words ‘it’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas’ (it was near enough to that, I remember that the word was there) and there were snowflakes surrounded the words.

And here is the kicker, on Friday just scrolling through Instagram (as I am prone to do when I have time to kill) I hit a picture that said there were 10 Fridays until the day…10 Fridays. Then I proceeded to have some kind of existential crisis, my second of the week (look I have a lot of feelings about the Hamilton soundtrack, a serious amount feelings, it shows great restraint on my part to not just dedicated these letters to them right now…), because that means that are 11ish weeks left of the whole year.

Where has that gone. It feels like I blinked in January and now here we are in month 10, at your arrival, and on the Han Solo page of my calendar.

I am both the same and yet a different person then the one that saw the new year in and it’s weird to see those changes so clearly. But then I can also see where those changes haven’t reached yet, and by gosh are those parts of me getting challenged a lot recently.

It’s a little scary to think that in a matter of weeks I will be looking back at the whole year with a reflective light.

Which reminds I still have that jar of memories from 2014 that is still unopened in my room…I might open that one day this year…then again I don’t know if that’s a jar of worms that I’m willing to delve into.

We’ll see.

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