Letters to Autumn 13
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 13

Dear Autumn,

My creativity has been a little dormant recently. It was firing on all cylinders for a little bit and felt kind of unstoppable.

But there was an ending. There was no fully fledged plan in place. Don’t get me wrong, there is a plan. I actually know the whole damn plot. I know where my peaks and troughs are. The small problem is that I didn’t really have any fully fledged characters in the world. They just existed in my head and I kept losing threads so they kind of fell apart a bit.

So I lost my way a bit and decided that taking time away and accepting that forcing anything at that moment in time was maybe not the worst thing I could do for myself.

And The Thing.

The thing about my creativity is that when it dies my goodness does it die. And I have to kind of pretend it doesn’t bother me but it kind of does and I’m really terrible at having the discipline to try and cultivate an everyday writing habit. It’s been like a month since now and we are creeping every closer to November so my dormant creativity was quietly starting to make me feel a bit jittery.

But at some point on Wednesday I could feel it gently creeping back and coming to the forefront. Currently it’s mainly focused on trying to get a good bank of posts for this blog ready for the next month so that I don’t have to think about it all that much (because seriously, beyond these letters even that felt like a bit too much). So I’ve got a few of them, they just need to be typed up.

There are also some ideas brewing again for The Thing. Ones that I’m actually going to write down so that I can properly play around with them and make them tangible things that I can shape into something maybe somewhat good.

So that is my currently mode. Getting all the content done. I have drafts saved through the whole of November (and this month, but that should be a given). There’s even one that trickles into December…

Everything just feels new and exciting to me again creatively speaking and I am loving it. No lie I think there has really been something to physically writing things down again. It’s cathartic and it has sparked something in me.

And I am loving it.

The prospect of that November challenge usually terrifies me, but this year?

Bring it on.

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