Letters to Autumn 14
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 14

Dear Autumn,

I am early to literally everything. I mean almost everything. If you wanna get technical I’m even early to work (can I say that is actually a terrible example. I get in at 9 and leave at 5, I’m not working anymore than I would normally).

The point however still stands. I’m early to everything. On time is late and 15 minutes early is on time. I understand the concept of BPT but I physically cannot bring myself to run on it in social situation even though everyone else does. Don’t get me wrong I run a lot chiller when I know the timings aren’t hard and fast but I’m still on time. Or early.

I was late twice last week and the stress that it caused once I realised I was for sure going to be out of the 15 minute window was real (luckily I was late to a workout so got that stress out and the other time was for a massage, so yeah, also got to get the stress then too). Once was my bad, actually that’s a lie, the second time I put my faith in public transport and it failed, so also my fault (in the end, I could have walked it quicker). And in the end I was only a couple of minutes late on both occasions but the adrenaline that ended up coursing through my veins was so insane. Because I was late.

The fact that I’m always excessively early to things is at the forefront of my mind right now because I showed up to Company last night an hour early. I only had to be 45 minutes (which in all seriousness is perfectly fine in my head for something with a hard and fast starting time, you can be settled in by the time the Overture starts and that doesn’t seem ridiculous to me, also I almost always go and see musicals, there is always an Overture) but as my watch ticked to 18:30 and I realised I nowhere left to kill time (literally, it’s Shaftesbury Avenue, it’s only theatres, where am I gonna go?) I just went to the Gieguld.

I collected my ticket and then just sat on the floor at the bar (never enough seats in any theatre bar) until the house was open. The house opened half an hour before the curtain went up and well I’d run out of things to do on my phone. so I just wrote most of this post in that time.

The thing about being early to literally everything is that I am killer at killing time. I always have a book on me, I now always have a notebook and a pen on me, I have a couple of apps on my phone that aren’t social media and require a bit more than just scrolling. I’m just really good at filling my time whole I wait to be on time for a thing.

I’ve had no choice but to be productive with all that extra time I have to kill and a lot of the time it’s when I get the most shit done.

I’m never gonna not be early to everything. I will always be waiting for people or things and so I will continue having great burst of productivity as a result.


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