Letters to Autumn 15
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 15

Dear Autumn,

It’s Sunday.

I used to be the champion of a super lazy Sunday where you just sort of crawl out of bed at whatever time you want, throw on some different comfy clothes that aren’t pjs and then do very little except eat. I had that shit nailed down. Sundays used to be the day where I would just totally reset in preparation for the week ahead. I would go into work on Monday and the only thing I could ever really say was that I did nothing.

Sundays have changed a little over the past month. In fact my weekends in general have shifted slightly.

As I have mentioned many a time on here, I exercise now. Quite a bit. Actually I say that, it’s in total 4 hours a week. 4×45 minutes sessions and 1×60 minutes. The amount of hours I spend a week exercising hasn’t actually changed, the breakdown of it just has, it used to be 4×60 minutes sessions a week. And those 4 sessions were Monday-Thursday with a long weekend rest period. And it worked fine, but then I got bored of it and decided to shake it up a bit slowly but surely.

So I shifted my rest days around and upped the frequency to 5 on 2 off. I knew the increase in sessions per week was coming. I could feel it in my bones. But I knew when it came around to doing that I would have to just shake everything up. And so I have. And that means that I now get real sweaty on weekends.

On Saturdays more than on Sundays but given that I’ve been away for a week and the most about of cardio I’ve done is climbing an awful lot of stairs today will be the sweatiest that I’ve been since last weekend. It’s not the sweatiest I can get, that tends to happen on Wednesdays and Saturdays which are just pure cardio for the most part (there sometimes some bodyweight strength stuff), but it’s up there.

You don’t think that doing work on gliders will really affect you that much and then all of a sudden everything burns and there is a sheen of moisture covering my entire person and making things sticky. Because Sundays are now cardio barre days. In fact, for some reason this is now the only version of barre that I do because I switched my Thursday workout to lifting instead.

Whereas before I used to love just lazing around and doing nothing all day and getting out of bed post noon, I was doing just that. Nothing. Now my Sundays are actually productive. For starters I get a workout in and all the delightful endorphins that come with it. Secondly, it gets be out of bed and out of the house. It forces me to utilise my time better. If I have a couple of errands to run then I do that beforehand and cross them off the list. I arrive to to the studio about half an hour before the class starts and then I get some writing done in that time. I use my travel time (mostly) to get some things done as well. I get things done and then that seems to trigger something in my brain that then allows me to have a lazy afternoon/evening and do so feeling totally guilt free. I’ve almost earned the rest after being so productive.

Plus it now means I have Fridays and Mondays rest days, which just feels better for some reason. Mondays I was my hair and now on Fridays I shall start to foam roll because with this shake up I decided to drop both Yoga and Pilates which means that I’m not stretching as much as I used to and my body is tight as a result.

So after a week off I shall soon be embarking on my cardio barre class, getting a sweat on and then having a chill afternoon that will include eating and Netflix.


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