Letters to Autumn 15
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 15

Dear Autumn,

Today has been a bit of a Monday. It went by fast.

I don’t even really know what it was about today. I was at work on Friday so I didn’t have that email backlof to make my way through when I got in but somehow the day just got away from me and I found myself with all these loose thread that I’ve left for myself tomorrow.

There are no major thread left hanging obviously, but there are loads of little things that just kept cropping up throughout the day and have had to roll over to tomorrow.

It just felt like quite an intense start to the week. One that I wasn’t really all that prepared for considering that I worked yesterday (which had its moments) and am also trying to swing myself back into a somewhat normal sleeping schedule again because I’ve had to two weeks off and I’ve rarely been to bed before 1:30am and then wake up at a cool 10:30, earliest. Trying to turn that around will be interesting. It always is. I always do this, seriously I’m forced to be somewhat of a morning person with the whole job thing.

My week also started the process of the beginning of the end. That sounds dramatic. My period is about to start, the early stages of the cramps have hit and therefore its arrival is imminent. It’s not helping with the tiredness and it throws really random parts of my body out of whack. So I’m contending with that this week. Fun.

Also it’s still grey and rainy, meaning that the weather is definitely finally turning, and the complete 180 from Saturday being so nice is a lot right now.

It’s just been a bit of a Monday. Tomorrow is a new day that will hopefully come with less loose ends and also it sees the dawn of my first work out in 10 days. Making this the longest time I’ve had off all year and my body is ready.


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