Letters to Autumn 16
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 16

Dear Autumn,

It’s Friday.

Not right as I write this but by the time it posts it will be (and forgive me for repeating subject matter). I’m not gonna lie, this week I have been looking forward to Friday since I woke up on Monday. Not in a bad way because I don’t dread going to work but there is something incredibly satisfying and appealing about the expanse of a whole two days that are commitment free. Mainly because they mean that I can get something closer to feeling well rested again.

That’s a feeling I have forgotten. It’s a feeling that I took for granted, because as nocturnal as I was (and kinda still am) at least I woke up in the morning knowing that I had slept enough and would be ready for the day…and This Morning (I still don’t know what that new set looks like, and I really, really, really need to).

Now it feels like I am always playing catch up. So it’s a good thing that I work surrounded by coffee (and near a Starbucks for all my very large caramel macchiato needs).

And to have two whole days to just recharge is perfect. And also Friday nights are a gift because I’m not trying to cram all the things that I need to get sorted into 3 or so hours because I don’t have to try and fool myself to fall asleep earlier than usual (I am still failing at this, if anything it’s got worse over time, not better…). I can just leisurely get things done and then fall into bed and not start doing maths about how many hours I will get if I fall asleep now. It doesn’t matter. If I haven’t had enough I can just roll over and fall back asleep, there is no 8:38 train to catch.

Today’s letter has been very moany, but that’s what happens come Thursday night (still not converted to being a fan of the day…it’s always a kicker for me) when you can feel yourself getting closer and closer to burning out.

So bring on the weekend lie in, and next week I’ll try to not be living for the weekend.

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