Letters to Autumn 17
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 17

Dear Autumn,

On average I can read between 20-40 pages in the time it takes me to get from my home station to the one I need to get off at to get to work. It’s just under 30 minutes if there are no delays.

I’ve always maintained the idea that if a book is under 400 pages and I’m in the right frame of mind that I can finish a book in a week. And I mean 5 working days in 10 half hour reading sessions. I’m a quick reader. And yes, for the most part I take everything in. Sometimes I’m just real tired and should not be reading anything at all, or doing anything that requires real brain activity because it just ain’t up for retaining information.

Last Monday I read 160 pages in roughly 2 hours. Which surprised me to be honest but it was just that kind of book that I could really get into and fly through the pages because I was having a right ol’ good time living in the world that had been created.

So then when I picked up my next book I decided to set myself a little challenge in terms of how quickly I could get through it. Please do not ask me why, these books aren’t officially counting towards this years Goodreads challenge yet, so really there was no need for that at all, but I like a challenge.

Not a real challenge, like a simple challenge. The kind that I can do without having to move all that much. (I sometimes like a real challenge that requires more movement than that.)

The first challenge was get to page 160 in a day. I managed that quite simply. So then the next day I was like, okay get to page 250. 90 pages doesn’t sound like too much to me. And it wasn’t. Within a few hours on Friday night I reached that and then read to the end of the part, meaning that come the end of the day I had read 110 pages. I could have read more, but I could feel myself starting to drift (whilst also simultaneously finding myself even more hooked) and I didn’t want to lose any of the narrative.

But that left me with just over 100 pages left to read and a 5 hour train journey the following day, which left me in a good place.

This is a thing that I’ve kind of always done. When I was younger I used to try and get myself to read a book in a whole day. Or in an afternoon. It’s not even something that I’m conscious of doing. Sometimes I get so lost in a book then I look at it and assess how much longer I have left and decide that I was gonna get it done by the day’s end (see the last two books in the Anna and the First Kiss series, and one Rainbow Rowell book, but I cannot remember which one).

I intended to take a 3 book deviation from my 2017 reading list (have I mentioned that I’ve done that at all recently…?) and I want that to last for as little as possible so I can get back to my mini autumn reading list and then the remaining 6 books that I have left to read. But I am also quite enjoying this little break and getting involved in some worlds that I deemed interesting enough to break this terribly upheld book buying ban.

And these random mini reading challenges that I am giving myself.


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