Letters to Autumn 17
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 17

Dear Autumn,

This post is even later than my late post because I prioritised eating alll the carbs instead of writing this up to get it on time. Curly fries need to be enjoyed in the moment and without worry about putting words on a page.

It finally felt like today I had settled back in to my usual routine. And with that usual routine came my Wednesday night boxing class. Which was my first straight up cardio session in 10 days. On day 2 of my period. So the whole 45 minutes was a lot.

I knew within the warm up that it was going to be a slightly higher hill to climb than normal because my lower back is always low key problematic when I’m on. Those high knees nearly did me in. And then the squats nearly did me in. And the kicks. And the burpees. Listen it was just hard.

It’s always hard, but when you do it every week it gets a little bit easier to get through, especially when you do other cardio bits and pieces as well. But I’ve done fuck all for 9 days except eat and sleep and just lie around doing nothing. Don’t get me wrong I walked and stuff, but that was as intense as it got. I was so lazy, I cut my intended Saturday workout the weekend just gone because I wanted another day to be lazy (also I worked late on Friday and was working early on Sunday, it was my final attempt to get a true lie in).

I did a workout yesterday, but it was way more chill than today. I use the term chill so loosely, it’s TUT, it burns. I left the class yesterday and my abs were quaking and on fire. They had done no real work except keeping me upright on a train so I didn’t have to hold a pole. So the shock to my system tonight wasn’t a total shock.

But it was still a lot. I don’t know if I’ve said that enough yet. It was hard. I legit nearly threw up twice. I let out a lot of potential pent up anger out in my punches, the body shot it a real great one. My wrists held out on my in the push ups and burpees. I got through it. There were several times when I wanted to just give up, but I didn’t.

And I felt soooo good once it was done and I was chugging a protein shake. Plus I also got really excited for all the food I was gonna eat. I’ve burned over 1,000 active calories today and to reflect that I went in on all the carbs with my dinner and some Jaffa cakes while watching Masterchef Australia.

Tomorrow’s rest day will be bliss. And will also involve some foam rolling, less bliss but most definitely required.


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