Letters to Autumn 17
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 17

Dear Autumn,

Sometimes I have ideas that seem great at first and then I realise what I have signed myself up for.

Take these letters to you for example Autumn. Not that I haven’t enjoyed this experience so far, but the way I have crafted my blogging schedule means that I have two days off to recharge and get ideas. And also means that I can schedule posts way in advance and not need them to be relevant to right now (or the time that I am writing them at least).

That doesn’t really work with you though. So I find myself staring at a blank ‘new post’ screen a lot more during the evenings and playing a game with myself where I try to think of something to talk about that isn’t food or how tired I am…the latter of which I failed at yesterday, I know I repeated myself. But I like the challenge and channeling all my writing efforts into something new and different on my blog.

Which brings me on to the reason that I’m writing this particular letter. I have added a badge to my blog and it says the following: Nanowrimo Participant 2015.

Yeah, on a whim yesterday afternoon while I was eating my lunch I decided that I was going to attempt to commit to that this year. I finished it last year, but that was a struggle and I had very little else on my plate at the time…

So obviously I decided to shoehorn into my life this year. For one reason and one reason only;

I have an idea that WILL. NOT. LEAVE. ME. ALONE.

I have three scenes for it written, but as of yet they do not link to each other all that much because unsurprisingly I have no plot for this idea. I just have the thought bunny that hopped into my head and has been bouncing around ever since a month ago. And Nano seems like a good time to try and hash this thing into…something.

50,000 words of something. Even as I talk about it now I am telling myself in the back of my head that it is absurd to try and achieve that many words, maintain a blog, eat, work and kinda sleep in a month. But like I also said, I love a challenge.

And I need to clear my head of this damn idea.

We’ll see come November just how good or bad this idea really was…

Main sign off

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