Letters to Autumn 18
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 18

Dear Autumn,

I came home from work today and randomly became a woman on a mission as I was just putting my dinner in the fridge. I found myself opening all the drawers in there and double checking what was on the shelves and binning everything that looked dodgy. No remorse.

I then moved on to the fruit and veg bowl and cut a whole ton of shit from there. And in my head I thought I would stop there.

But no.

I went into the cleaning supplies cupboard and pulled out the stove top cleaner. I left that to do it’s thing and then cleaned the bread bin and put all the stuff on the dryer away. I cleaned the countertops, took the bin out, scrubbed at the stove top. A lot. Then did all the stray bits of washing up. I threw the tea towels in circulation out into the wash. I collected all the recycling up.

The kitchen now looks all shiny and shit and my hands kind of smell like washing up liquid.

I truly don’t even know what the hell came over me, but I got home and was just overcome with this urge to tidy the kitchen up a bit.

It didn’t even really take that long. I was done in 40 minutes. I was blasting Camila Cabello and having a mini dance party with it all. My kitchen isn’t really that big. And also, I’m gonna be honest, I’ve not even really used it that much this week…It’s mostly been a room I walk through to get to the bathroom or to grab a plate or just bung something in the oven and then leave it to just do it’s thing. So the fact that I felt possessed to do it at all is very bizarre to me.

It also totally scuppered with my plans to just get home and fall flat onto my sofa. I’d been feeling like I just wanted to lie and doing nothing for the entire I felt so worn out, but no, I pulled some energy from somewhere (the somewhere was Nurofen, it got rid of my cramps that had been fucking with me for a lot of the afternoon).

So I’m doing that now, just sitting on my sofa not doing a lot. It feels good.

Love,Main sign off

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