Letters to Autumn 19
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 19

Dear Autumn,

It’s the 19th of the month which means it has now been 4 days since I got social media back into my life (I will admit that I logged into Tweetdeck once a day just to schedule some blog related tweets, but only ever said the top 2 tweets and resisted the urge to scroll down), so of course I am going to talk about what life was like last week without it.

For one, it was actually quite easy to not log on to the sites on my laptop. I blocked them and so every time that I tried I got told off (thank you Block Site) but I only tried Instagram twice, and Twitter 4 times and two of those was only because I didn’t realise that the linked I had clicked on was going to direct me to Twitter. I didn’t even try Tumblr once.

On my phone it was a slightly different story. I deleted the apps off of there and I didn’t truly register just how often I default to clicking on the top row of apps that I have on my phone (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr) until they were no longer there. It meant that I used my phone a lot less. Except for the day where I got really obsessed with a ‘crab grab’ expedition on Two Dots. I checked Buzzfeed a few times, did my brain training exercises for the day and pretty much just left it alone unless I was replying to texts. I used it so little that I didn’t even have to put my phone on charge for 48 hours and quite happily left the house without it.  A part of me did feel like I was missing out on some things, but I got over that pretty quickly.

What did, and didn’t surprise me, was how little I knew about what was going on in the world in terms of news. I found it out the old fashioned way. Via news websites and late night talk show videos (mainly Seth Meyers and A Closer Look if we’re being really honest). I had no real idea of what was going on in politics, both US and UK. I was watching the very rapid decline of Weinstein each morning when I just caught up on things news wise (via The Guardian, and I’m gonna be brutally honest Buzzfeed. They were where I got my news from) so that I wasn’t totally ignorant. But it didn’t happen on a minute by minute basis.

To be honest with you it felt a lot better. Kind of just unloading all the news on yourself at one point during the day and then digesting it and leaving it the hell alone felt a lot less draining. It meant that I didn’t click on hashtags and inevitably come across something that was just so wrong  my brain didn’t know how to compute it or understand how someone can walk around really believing that level of bullshit. It meant that I had a clearer head overall.

It kind of felt like it did when I just deleted Facebook altogether and felt all the better for it on a wider scale. However I have obviously since returned to these ones because they are not full of people that I cannot fucking stand but actually know on some level and so cannot remove them from my life.

There was also a part of me as the week drew to a close that was just sort itching to get back to being connected to the world via social media. I think I partially just wanted to sort out the aesthetic of my main screen on my phone which was all out of whack without the apps being there and I also wanted to just know that they were there again. Just to know that they were an option to open in moments of boredom. In the end though when the week was over I only felt the need to re-download Instagram and Twitter and then I didn’t even look at them properly until the mid afternoon. And then I did spend my journey home scrolling away and I went on a bit of a retweet thing, but I was just flushing it out of my system.

The week away from it did really highlight just how much time I spend on there and it also really turned a gear in my head that meant that I spent all that time doing something productive instead. It eliminated a lot of the ‘wasted’ time that I spent on there because for the most part of was focused on something else and drawn away by the need to just check in on whatever app I felt like at the time.

So, yeah that was my take from the week.


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