Letters to Autumn 19
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 19

Dear Autumn,

I lifted weights today for the first time in two weeks. And yes this marks my second post this week, but also I’ve been away for a while, this shit was inevitable.

Anyway, back to the weights thing.

I lifted them for the first time in two weeks. And it was the first time I did the full new Lift release. I forgot how with the first couple of attempts at the new release it always feels like I’ve never lifted anything before in my damn life.

Also I did a condensed version of it 2 weeks ago and I’m pretty sure there was a track in that that should be in this release but it was cut for time and so the track was missing. The track missing is hell. I’m doing this release again on Sunday, I’m scared.

It’s not real fear. But still, low key scared.

I didn’t even go all that heavy with the weights. I literally had to tell myself all day that I wouldn’t go above 15kg (which I know isn’t heavy in the grander scheme of weight training, but TUT. 15kg time under tension is fucking heavy). I remain surprised that I actually stuck to that mantra I had been telling myself all day. I probably should have gone lighter. 15 felt like a lot. In theory I should be going 20kg on Sunday, I really don’t know if I’m getting through that squat track with that weight yet…

Also tonight I was reminded again of how long my damn limbs are. I can’t ass to grass a squat and get back up in time to the music. Nor can I do a full range lunge at that speed. Or at least I can’t right now.

Give me a couple of weeks and I can probably get there.

This new release also has reminded me that skull crushers are not my friend. My wrist hates them. It can handle most shit, but it cannot be flexed at that angle for some reason. It’s fine when I’m in front rack for the most part but I have to do that damn skull crusher it just will not cooperate and so I’m probably gonna have to declare that as a version of an injury…

My muscles were shaking for far longer than they usually do. It usually lasts like 5 minutes. Tonight it lasted until I sat down 25 minutes later. It was a lot.

I can also already feel my muscles starting to DOM up, so tomorrow will be interesting.

Also my abs are on fucking fire, they’ve not had to be that engaged in a while and so those abs tracks this week have been a real killer and it hurts to laugh.


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