Letters to Autumn 19
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 19

Dear Autumn,

The Ice Queen is melting.

Which is kind of the opposite of what she should be doing as her reign looms ever closer.

It seemed to happen all at once one day under your golden glow. The throne just started puddling at the bottom and then they never really drained away they just created more puddles. Ever expanding puddles and they are now pretty much everywhere. Everything is melting when it shouldn’t be. Everything should be firmly crystallised by now. It should all glint harshly in the autumnal sun. There should only really be the occasional rivulet of water that slowly makes its way down the back of the ornate seat, refracting crisp rainbow colours onto the surrounding area. That should be as far as it goes in terms of moisture.

It usually is.

But this year it’s carnage. A very wet carnage. And that’s just the castle.

The Queen herself is experiencing some…issues too.

The slow, snail’s pace slow, and rhythmic beat of her heart has sped up to what would almost be considered normal. And not that she’s checked yet but she’s fairly sure that if she were to cut herself she’ll bleed red now and not her reassuring shade of blue.

There is a pinkish hue to the undertones of her skin now, it makes her look warmer and familiar. Like everyone around her. No more comfortable stark paleness. She probably won’t even be coool to the touch anymore.

The most noticeable change, the most terrifying for her, is the fact that she has started to feel. Sympathy and empathy have become part of her emotional reportoire. She finds her eyes pinpricking with tears on a semi regular basis these days.

Most of the time she can blink them back. But sometimes, one singular drop blinks free and trails its way down her cheek. Following the gentle slope of the area and leaving a warm, slightly salty, trail in its wake. The light reflects off it and its brought to the attention of others before she swipes it roughly away as it approaches her jawline and she plasters on a brave face that she has never needed to before.

So, yes, the Ice Queen is melting this season Autumn and I think we should be afraid.

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