Letters to Autumn - The Intro
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 2017

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Now, it is the end of the month which can only mean one thing is coming. October. And the true throes of Autumn.

I will be honest most of this month has felt the bite of winter on and off and I spent a fair amount of time debating with myself whether or not I should drag a coat out of the wardrobe and stop trying to convince myself that a jumper will be sufficient. It’s been a bit hit and miss overall. But the days are getting shorter and I am now returning home in the dark where before it was all orange and purple. I might miss that a little…maybe.

Or maybe not.

Because I have stocked up on knitwear, I have bought my first pair of winter boots (to replace two pairs that I already have but are slowly proving more and more useless as time passes, seriously, there’s a hole in the sole) and I am starting to think about seeing if I can finally source this black winter coat that I have in my head but have never actually found myself. I’ve seen my perfect winter coat on other people, but never find it. In fact I have my almost perfect winter coat in a navy colour, but I’m still searching for that black one…

I’ve also noticed that the ground is littered with gold-y orange leaves that are slowly becoming browner the longer they collect on the increasingly damp pavement and the trees are starting to look more and more naked the more time passes and we hurtle forward into colder months. I have also been reminded that I really need to find myself a new and somewhat decent umbrella that I put in my actual every day bag and not whichever one I can find in my house and then put in my gym bag, which currently only makes the journey with me 3 days a week…

Something also clicked with me in this past week in my head. I joke and say that autumn/winter is the time where I truly shine, but in all seriousness it does seem to be the time each year when I find myself feeling more sure in myself and in my ideas. It’s the time when I make the most amount of change for my own personal growth because for whatever reason it just feels the simplest time for me. For example, Timehop reminded me the other day that it was roundabout this time last year that something changed in me and I started taking exercise a tad more seriously, and now here I am doing that 5 days a week and feeling fucking great about it and for it.

So I’m excited for this time of year in that respect and because it is now a tradition (of two years) on this blog the letters are back. I’ll be honest, I kind of hated doing this earlier in the year because I just was not okay at the time and that clusterfuck of a month really highlights that to me. I don’t necessarily know if that translates, but I know and yeah, it’s kind of a little bit shit that it’s just on here unless I choose to delete it. Which I know I won’t because it also proves to myself that I can make it out on the other side of things. But, I’ve always enjoyed doing them in October. I mean it remains hard because sometimes you just don’t have anything to say you know? But in those moments it’s the smallest of things that prompt something that turns out to be great.

And with that, I officially conclude this post in my usual way and kiss goodbye to it for the next 31 days…

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow!

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