Letters to Autumn 1
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn – 2018 Edition 1

Dear Autumn,

It feels almost unreal that I’m writing to you again. Mainly because I didn’t think I was in the headspace to do it this year. It’s amazing how one bad experience can kind of scar you in some way for a while whether you realise it or not. Last year’s did kind of break me. And I knw it as it was happening but it still kind of caught me off guard that it had done such a number on me to the point that I didn’t ever want to make that kind of commitment ever again.

But I did.

And I am.

The beginning of this proves that.

Another reason that it feels unreal is because it’s hard to comprehend that you’ve swung on by again. It feels like you’ve only just left. Yet here you are.

Bringing your darkness a little it earlier every day. Starting your days with a bit more of a bite each morning. Just being very confusing really.

Any layers that were needed before 9am become slowly more useless as the day progresses before evening strikes. I’ve started wearing layers but so fat they don’t quite all make it to the end of the day. I’m not about it on the whole, but it would be nice to know where to stand when it comes to getting dressed. Do I need one of my many beloved jumpers or not?

I’m looking forward to having comfort in that knowledge that the answer will soon almost always be yes. Mostly because it’s way easier to dress for work when it’s too cold outside than it is when it’s too hot. And this past summer came with a lot of that of too hot. You never appreciate just how not work appropriate your wardrobe is until suddenly it’s 28 degrees plus everyday and you gotta get dressed so you can sit in your sauna of an office. I mean, I through it. I even learned to love that weather after a while, but I feel much more at home when I get to rock a jumper every day of the week.

So, here we are again Autumn. Let’s see what you have in store this year.


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