Letters to Autumn 21
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 21

Dear Autumn,

Can I level with you, the weather right now is confusing.

The amount of conversations I have about this weather right now is ridiculous. They are almost always daily. And then they happen when we are actually out there experiencing the weather because we almost always start to overheat.

I bring this up mostly because almost every day this week I have been caught out by the damn heat. I am just out here trying to live my best layered life and the weather keeps being 18 degrees and testing that. The amount of times I currently overheat and get proper sweaty is insane.

And also low key inconvenient. I just wanna wear a jumper and a jacket. I’m not even talking about a full winter coat just yet. I just want some layers and not have to do up a zip. And not wear a scarf. I just want to not have to carry around my jacket while genuinely debating whether I should ditch the jumper as well.

But then here is the other thing about this current crazy weather. I am currently still very much enjoying this weather on some level. I like the fact that during the day there is still some heat in that sun and then having it capped off in the morning and night with that chill that is usually associated with this time of year.

I am loving getting to see the really crisp sunsets and feeling the day warm up. I’m loving how bright everything feels. I’m loving that chill in the air and the fact that for the first time in a while this week I finally saw my breath as I walked into work due to the cold. I’m just loving it.

Even if it means that I overheat halfway through the day and about half of the conversations I have right now are about weather…

Love,Main sign off

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