Letters to Autumn 21
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 21

Dear Autumn,

I mentioned last month that I lack organisational skills in some areas of my life, the main one being that there isn’t a schedule for this blog as such. I mean I need original content 5 days a week, but more often than not I never know what that the post is going to be until I click New Post and then start typing. Heck I even referenced this problem in one of my letters to you. It’s a huge flaw in this whole blogging commitment plan on my part.

But on Monday night, I put Masterchef Australia on and finally opened up that planner/organiser I bought. I filled out all the months until October next year (multiple times, I decided to be proper thorough about it all in the end, I had time) and then I did something even crazier than that.

I plotted out blog posts for the WHOLE of November.

Literally the whole month has a blog title underneath it now, some of them even have a few ideas jotted down underneath them in pretty purple. There is a very clear plan. Which is actually incredibly reassuring and a very weird feeling for me.

I think it’s a good weird. It also means that I can organise my time better and maybe make actual progress with Nano next month.

Speaking of which, I should maybe get a plan for that together while you’re still with us, especially seeing as I’m on an organisational thing right now.

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