Letters to Autumn 23
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 23

Dear Autumn,

I’m back on that writing things down in a notebook game today for the sake of my sanity and also clarity.

Turns out I kind of missed the act of just writing. It’s not even been all that long since I last did it. Amazing how quickly some things can feel almost like habits.

While I’m talking about notebooks and the like, I’ve also come to realise something else.

I’m gonna need more notebooks.

I have countless ones already that are filled with all my old stuff that is most likely on this blog in some for or other. I also have a few blank ones knocking about, but to be honest the style of notebook that they are just doesn’t suit me anymore.

It’s almost amazing how a certain type of notebook can become your favourite.

The ones that I used to covet and always stock up on a few years ago are now ones that I wouldn’t touch. My current notebook love is A5 (I think) and has nice thick lined pages and are colourful with an array of slogans on the front. If you scroll far enough back on my Instagram you’ll see the kind of vibe I’m currently going for.

But back to the point. I’m going to need more notebooks. I have 4 in circulation (I know). I’m coming to the end of one now and have the sole blank one that I own bookmarked to become my new blog one. I’m gonna fill it imminently with so many books reviews and other stuff that will eventually show up here. The other 2 are not blank, but on houses the plan for the old Thing and the other houses the writing I’ve done for the old Thing.

And I’ve realised that I don’t want to muddle the two things together. I want to keep them separate as we head into NaNo month. I need the space to fully flesh out the old Thing and to flesh out the current Thing. Which means I need a new notebook(s).

I mean to be honest it takes almost nothing to ever convince me of that fact, but in this instance it is genuinely required for the sake of my damn sanity.

This feels like a good excuse. So that task now makes up some of my weekend plans. Notebook shopping (also I saw a jumpsuit over the weekend that I loved and couldn’t find in my size so I might see if a different store houses it, can you tell I get paid this week…)


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