Letters to Autumn 23
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 23

Dear Autumn,

I am writing this letter as it draws closer to 8pm on Thursday night and it won’t go live until noon tomorrow so what I am saying hasn’t happened yet, but will have a few moments after I sign this letter off.

I am going to spend my Thursday night colouring in. Yes, you read that right. Colouring (The Enchanted Forest if you want to get specific). I am 22 and have recently re-rediscovered (I did it before back in February as well) how calming it can be. More so than reading and writing because although they help with the relaxing thing they also require a certain level of engagement. You have to pay attention to know where a plot is going and pick up on things that might be relevant later on in the story. You have to pay attention when writing to make sure that you are still making sense and haven’t gone off on too big a tangent or done something else that would probably be unfeasible. So while it’s great at clearing your head and putting everything back into balance it’s never 100% disconnected and relaxing.

Not in the way that colouring is. I dunno I take great satisfaction about making something an array of colours when it previously just a white page with bold black lines making half formed pictures. There is a finished product that can’t be right or wrong. It isn’t open to interpretation, it doesn’t need to be supported by evidence, you don’t have to worry about correct grammar or syntax.

It reflects what you put into it. Trees can be made of purple trunks and silver leaves. Birds can be all the colours of the rainbow or only one colour. The sky can be gold, the sun green, the lines can be ignored completely and coloured out of. There are no rules. And no rules is freeing.

So I spent my Thursday night colouring. And it probably made me pretty happy by the time I went to bed.

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