Letters to Autumn 24
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 24

Dear Autumn,

This is a call out to myself.

Wrote in the half hour before I’m due to work out (told you, early to everything) I need to call myself the hell out.

I mentioned this towards the BEGINNING of the month, I need to get better at taking proper care of my muscles, specifically my upper legs. You know quads, glues, hamstrings. I initially did myself a massive favour and just took 9 days off which kind of just masked the problem because I didn’t have to use the muscles all that much, it did not alleviate the fact that I still have a fucking problem with them.

I’m very aware of the things I need to do to make the problem a little better, I’ve even alluded to the idea that I’ve actually done it a couple of times.

Guess what though?

Despite telling myself in my head multiple times I’ve still not unearthed that fucking room roller from the corner that I’ve shoved it into.

I was gonna do it on the Sunday before I went back to work for a full week. I was gonna do it on the Monday while I deep conditioned my hair. I was gonna do it after my first workout back, then after my second. Then on my rest day, after my first full weights session. On Saturday after I’d already got the lymphatic system working a but. Then after my (slightly) heavier Sunday weights session. Then again on my rest day while I was deep conditioning. Then after Ass and Abs yesterday.

I’ve intended to do it everyday for nearly two weeks. I’ve thought in my head ‘if I don’t foam roll today I’m gonna riot against myself’ and I’ve still not done it.

I’m fully aware of the potential issues leaving my legs as tight as they could do and I’m still writing it off as ‘future’ me’s problem. I can feel how tight everything is with my own two hands and I’m still not actually trying to do anything about it.

For some reason, probably because it hurts in a not so good but good way, I’m just not extending the act of self care that is regularly working out to the aftercare of it all. I love an immediate post workout stretch but even I can feel now that they’re not doing much in the long term.

And I need to get better at it or the whole thing is just fucked. That and meditation, but honestly that is a whole different kettle.

So that’s what I’m going to start doing more of, for real.

Love,Main sign off

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