Letters to Autumn 26
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 26

Dear Autumn,

You remember that diary that I bought some time over the summer?

Yeah, to be honest I almost forgot about it too. I schlepped the thing all the way to bloody Filey with me and it never even left the bag that I put it in. I’ve been doing that a lot with it. Just taking it places and then forgetting about it.

I keep having good intentions with it. It’s my great bid to become more organised after all. But then I kind of lose those intentions somewhere along the way. I don’t even really know where it goes, it just goes missing momentarily.

And then on Sunday I got hit with another wave of motivation to get to this thing and became the kind of person that plans the minutiae of her life. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but I did write down all the little tasks that I wanted to get done over the course of week and assigned them to a day. I then tried to hold myself accountable for that.

The majority of the things that I wanted to get done were and are writing related. I have a lot of book reviews to write for next month and I want to be as on top of it as I can be so that I only have one focus for next month for the most part. I’ve been doing relatively well with this so far, mainly because I have a reason to be trying to be as productive as possible this last full week of October (what the fuck by the way?). Also ideally I want to spend the last two days of this month getting some prep done for the next 30 days. You know like actually have a plan of some sort and not go in totally blind like I have done for 16,000 words so far.

My aim is to get to 70,000 words with this thing by year’s end. And I can’t do that without a plan.

So the diary is back and I’ve started writing down all the things that I actually need to do because putting down onto paper means that I can see it practically and it doesn’t just bounce around in my head as a vague idea to maybe actually do. The task is written down and it has a date. I’m being held accountable for it.

And for the most part, so far it seems like this diary is proving practical and useful.



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