Letters to Autumn 26
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 26

Dear Autumn,

Firstly I am fully aware that I pretty much ghosted yesterday, buy I got myself a life last night and I didn’t quite except to stay out as late as I did.

I told myself that I would only have a couple and then go home. Yeah, no I got home at midnight and then fell into a relatively shitty night’s sleep before I had to drag myself through a full work day.

I spent most of today counting down the moments until I could get home, not be wearing jeans, eat pizza and finish watching Elite.

I rather ambitiously thought to myself whilst I was on a train the wrong side of sober last night that I was going to make it to my Friday night weights session. Yeah, I woke up feeling atrocious for a little bit with a slightly sore forearm (I bowled yesterday, it has done a number on me) and no desire to really move in any way, shape or form. Lifting heavy weights repeatedly for 45 minutes on legs (and a body in general) that are kind of tired? Maybe not the smartest of ideas, especially at a time when i’m making a more conscious effort to take better care of my body.

So, rest. That’s where I’m at with it today.

But most importantly I’m finishing Elite because I started watching it on Wednesday night and instantly got hooked. I mean I 100% gave in to the hype that I saw on Twitter, but some things are worth the hype.

I’m also prepping for what could be quite a busy Saturday because I gotta go shopping for some shit (notebooks, a scarf, maybe a jumper or two) and because it’s been so long (I think it might have only been 3 weeks, maybe 4) I’m gonna travel to Ole and Steen for a chocolate social slice. Seriously they are so good.

Also, I have to get some writing done. My potential sanity in the immediate future depends on it.


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