Letters to Autumn 26
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 26

Dear Autumn,

There is something beautiful about a new notebook.

Especially when you know what you have planned for it.

I spend maybe more time than would be deemed appropriate staring at notebooks these days. I pick them up and turn them over in my hands to get the feel of them. I check the sturdiness of the cover and how many pages there are in the notebook. Sometimes, if I can, I check how the pages are lined because apparently that is a thing that I have a weirdly strong opinion on.

The whole thing is very much a process that cannot be rushed. Seriously, it can’t. I have to take my time. And sometimes I find one that I just clicked with and keep repeat buying it whenever I need a new one, which is every couple of months these days. However, because it’s just my luck that it would happen, the notebook that I have fallen into quite the relationship in decides it no longer wants to exist.

And I have to start the process all over again.

Which isn’t always a bad thing but sometimes it’s hard to let the old reliable notebooks go and start afresh with a new one with a different feel to it.

Also I am super particular about pens as well which is weird. I mean they are a biro always and they are always either black or red (for editing, I like to keep things harsh for myself) but I won’t take any old biro. Because no they are not all the same. That’s a fact. And so when I find a pen that works for me I hoard them. They are very important to me.

I am aware that I’ve talked about stationery for 300 words, but there you go.

There’s a fresh notebook and a new pen waiting for me to break them open so I can start planning my Nano novel this week and I can’t wait.

Main sign off

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