Letters to Autumn 27
Letters to Autumn

Letters to Autumn 27

Dear Autumn,

My shoulders hurt.

It’s to be expected when you carry your relatively heavy backpack on your backs for hours. It wasn’t intentional, but for some reason I just kept walking around. I think I walked into every H&M that you can on Oxford Street, sitting on my sofa now I couldn’t really tell you why I did that, I kind of knew what I was going to but after I went int eh first one. So that was pointless.

I also think I want a new winter coat now because I made the terrible mistake of trying a new one and I fell in love with it. It’s literally just a shorter version of the one I already have. But shiny and new. I’m thinking on it.

I’ll tell you why I spent so damn long out, I got caught in the hell hole that is Primark looking for basic t-shirts because I don’t own enough for layering purposes and winter is fucking here, but I could not find them anywhere. I had slogan tees, I had vest tops and I had a whole array of long sleeve, but short? That Primark did not know her. I looked for ages and then left with a new pair of joggers and a RuPaul t-shirt that was on sale because I needed to make the time fucking worth it.

Oh, I also had to queue in Selfridges for 15 minutes to pee because as are the perils of needing to use a public toilet. Also Selfridges was on full on Christmas mode, there were disco balls and everything. Actually the whole damn street is just on the brink of being full Christmas, all the lights are up, there’s tinsel in all the shops and mini trees, the music is incoming I just know it.

But what with today being the first day that it was consistently cold the descent into all things Christmas seems inevitable. For the first time in a while I ain’t made about that.

Oh, I also added an extra 30 minutes onto the whole heavy backpack on shoulders thing because I walked to Piccadilly (also I am lazy and one train and a bus home appeals to me more than having to change once) for the sake of that chocolate social slice.

It was worth it.

(And I did get my NaNo notebooks, in fact it was the first thing I picked up, the only thing I did quickly today.)

Love,Main sign off

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